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Top 100 Best Concrete Crafts To Pursue

Concrete crafts might not come to everyone’s mind when you think about a DIY project, yet the versatility of this underrated material cannot be contested. It can take a variety of shapes and can depict the most creative ideas, whilst preserving its own unique texture that entraps water.

But what is “concrete“? The term represents a mixture of aggregates with a cement activated with the addition of water, producing heat during its chemical reaction before hardening. Lime-based Portland cement is the most commonly used and mixed with gravel, pebbles to make the typical mix used for your sidewalks. For delicate crafts we tend to use a finer mix.

From the fluidity you can opt to offer to the composite material organic forms are born, molding your imagination. From the classical flower pots suitable to Scandinavian interior designs to decorative projects like the Easter concrete crafts presented below, concrete really does come in a multitude of options.

We have curated what we believe to be a beautiful concrete crafts collection, the best selection we have chosen for your creative minds.

1. Easter concrete crafts egg magnets

If you are one that constantly looses his stationary organizers, cement egg magnets can prove to be your saving grace. With the overall appeal of a bird’s nest, this particular cement craft is quite easy to assemble, liquid cement, bits of magnets and empty egg shells being required.

Easter concrete crafts egg magnets


2. Concrete eggs for your Easter décor

A similar idea, minus the magnets and with a touch of bronze or gold glamour transforms empty egg shells into lovely Easter decorations for your dinner table.

Concrete eggs for your Easter décor


3. Hexagonal concrete Easter egg holder

Where cement egg décor resides an hexagonal egg holder for Easter is a must. Create your own and display an array of hues on your Easter eggs.

Hexagonal concrete Easter egg holder


4. Sweet concrete heart magnets

Valentine’s day gifts can be handmade too and a cement heart magnet pair will hold your perfect photo on the fridge with love. Create your own pair now and receive gratitude later.

Sweet concrete heart magnets


5. Textured globe cement flower pots

Spring is slowly coming and the right flower pots will make your porch stand out. Cement can be used as the right material to nestle your greenery.

Textured globe cement flower pots


6. Pineapple shaped concrete crafts

You can become a bit of an eccentric and choose a pineapple for your cement crafts. Who said flower pots have to be boring?

Pineapple shaped concrete crafts


7. Delicate concrete medallions

It is quite difficult to go wrong with jewelry on Valentine’s Day but with your own concrete crafts you are surely to succeed and impress your loved one. Add a touch of gold and a silver or gold necklace to the mixture.

cement medallions


8. Contemporary concrete telephone holder

Let’s face it, we are addicted to technology and your cellphone comes first. We have selected the below cement craft as a creative and practical addition to your desk meant to hold your charging phone.

Contemporary concrete telephone holder


9. Geometrical concrete door knobs

Do your 2021 plans involve a home renovation? If so, we have found a cute and quite easy diy project involving cement for perfectly delicate door knobs for your kitchen cabinets.

Geometrical concrete door knobs


10. Modern concrete side table lamp

We have found the below modern concrete side table lamp as the perfect easy weekend diy project. It comes quite cheap as well material-wise.

 Modern concrete side table lamp


11. Cylindrical concrete pencil holder

Another great addition to your office desk, in the form of a concrete pencil holder which will make office supply organization much easier.

Cylindrical concrete pencil holder


12. Contemporary concrete desk clock

Continuing on the same note, the below cement clock is a design statement, suitable to a long sleek white desk.

Contemporary concrete desk clock


13. DIY concrete picture frame

A DIY concrete picture frame can seem fragile but truth be told, when completely dried it becomes quite sturdy, ready to display your loving memorabilia.

DIY concrete picture frame


14. Cute star flower pot tag

Tag your plants and herbs to remember what they are, especially if you own a lush, diverse garden. Use skewers and cement to create cute plant tags.

Cute star flower pot tag


15. Geometrical jewelry container

Women tend to loose their jewelry quite often, especially if a container to hold them in place is missing. A gold interior will add glamour to the perfect geometrically shaped jewelry holder.

Geometrical jewelry container


16. Tone layered tea candle holders

We love the diffuse light offered by tea candles and using cement candle holders is different gray tones is a wonderful idea. You can stack them all together when not used.

tone layered tea candle holders


17. DIY lace concrete votives

Use lace or an old doily to imprint a delicate pattern on your cement votive candle holder.

DIY lace concrete votives


18. Home sweet home concrete crafts

Invest time and love, not money into creating your lovely home. Make your own decorations on a budget and create great moments with your loved ones.

Home sweet home concrete décor


19. Concrete crafts planters with your own touch

Nestling your plants has never been more literal, don’t you agree? Handle greenery with love and care for a lush backyard.

Concrete planters with your own touch


20. Round concrete hanging shelf

Cement can be used to create floating shelves for your plants, a very Scandinavian touch to your abode.

Round concrete hanging shelf


21. Concrete bookends for an industrial accent

Keep books and magazines organized with geometrical cement bookends with an industrial twist.

Concrete bookends for an industrial accent


22. Gold cream DIY concrete ring bowl

Choose concrete to morph an imperfect ring bowl, touched by gold hues. The texture will contrast beautifully with the elegance of your jewelry.

Gold cream DIY concrete ring bowl


23. Gold dipped concrete earrings

Go beyond creating jewelry holders and actually form your own designer pieces using concrete as your primary material.

Gold dipped concrete earrings


24. Concrete and gold flower pots

Create a family of flower pots using the same basic materials and individualize them with gold geometrical shapes.

Concrete and gold flower pots


25. Succulent holders from concrete

Succulents capture and need moisture in order to remain perky and plump. Concrete used as a material for succulent flower pots seems like the proper idea.

Succulent holders from concrete


26. Impressive globe candle holders

The below project exudes elegance and contemporary design, suitable for an open space or a cozy bedroom.

Impressive globe candle holders


27. Heart shaped concrete door knobs

For a French style kitchen design choose to create heart shaped concrete door knobs, cute and easily replaceable if one breaks.

Heart shaped concrete door knobs


28. Sea inspired concrete décor

If a summer sea-side escape is not in the horizon, sea inspired concrete décor placed alongside a box of sand might do the trick and save you from the holiday blues.

Sea inspired concrete décor


29. Garden candle holder base from concrete

Use concrete to form bases for glass candle holders suitable for outdoor entertainment. Light your pathways for a fairytale like atmosphere and create incredible soirees all year long.

Garden candle holder base from concrete


30. Star shaped magnets for your refrigerator

Display your travel memories using cement fridge magnets in funny forms. You can even add paint for a touch of color.

Star shaped magnets for your refrigerator


31. Leaf textured garden fountain

Finding the right garden fountain can be challenging, we should know. You can go organic and use actual leaves and concrete to form an eccentric water feature.

Leaf textured garden fountain


32. Concrete pavement with a memory

We love concrete pavement, especially the one with character and personality. Add letters or numbers to create your home address and place this custom created pavement at your entry.

Concrete pavement with a memory


33. Simple concrete crafts-water basins

Cement can be used to create water basins in different shapes and sizes for the perfect garden fountain or water feature. Use a sealant to prevent the concrete from getting wet and dripping.

Simple concrete crafts-water basins


34. Small concrete fire pits

Where cement can nestle water, so can it empower fire through simple circular fire pits suitable to your interior or exterior design.

Small concrete fire pits


35. Concrete flower pots from old boots

We are all about recycling and DIY projects and the chosen project below thinks outside the box. Or boots in this case.

Concrete flower pots from old boots


36. Birthday concrete decorations

Creating your own cement oversized letters come in handy, especially on birthdays, don’t you agree?

Birthday concrete decorations


37. Tall garden candle holders

Elevate your candle light outdoors on tall cement cylinders used as candle holders.

Tall garden candle holders


38. Candlestick holder using cement and a cardboard box

We absolutely love this elegant and simple project, the perfect symbiosis between rough and sleek materials. Choose a sturdy box and a thicker composition to avoid cement leaking.

Candlestick holder using cement and a cardboard box


39. Christmas concrete décor

Go straight for the DIY projects this year and prepare for the winter holidays with proper décor. Recycle old globes and fill them with cement for unusual decorations.

Christmas concrete décor


40. Leaves adding texture to pavement

Go with the organic natural flow of a garden with leaves imprinted cement pavement. This technique will lead to unique pieces, beautiful in their imperfection.

 Leaves adding texture to pavement


41. Using hands to mold planters

Wouldn’t you love to put your own touch to your garden? Use plastic gloves, fill them with runny concrete composition and place them in a holding position to dry. Fill them with soil and succulent plants for miniature gardens.

Using hands to mold planters


42. Nature touched concrete

Use the natural to imprint on your cement designs for unique patterns and compositions. The organic will blend yet contrast powerfully with the artificial.

Nature touched concrete


43. A home with a light

A different approach to a candle holder made from concrete seems like a sturdy DIY project. Hold your candle sticks in house inspired holders.

A home with a light


44. Letter concrete magnets

You might be one from the many that has the habit of collecting magnets as souvenirs when traveling, yet creating your own letter magnets sends a particular message.

Letter concrete magnets


45. Gold silver and bronze touched concrete bowls

Organization and storage are vital in one’s home, especially if you live in a small space. Create sturdy lasting cement bowls for all your trinkets and splash them with a touch of gold, silver or bronze to stand out.

Gold silver and bronze touched concrete bowls


46. Concrete star holding the light

Earth and fire have danced together from the beginning of time, thus a merge of the two in unique creations is a must. Light your soul with cement star candle holders.

Concrete star holding the light


47. A concrete heart holding on to nature

Nature conquers every time, as much as we try each day to tame it. Instead of fighting the obvious, encourage the union and invite the natural into the artificially created.

A concrete heart holding on to nature


48. Wood and concrete merging

Another contrasting merge lies in wood and concrete mixes, here in the form of an eccentric stool for your porch. Notice how the concrete has inserted and flowed into the natural gaps left in the dried wood.

Wood and concrete merging


49. Concrete project for your backyard

A project on a larger scale, the dinning table presented below has been created from concrete with a central gap left for the purpose of planting succulents. The concrete absorbs the moisture in the air, working in harmony with the greenery. Such a design is a sturdy one and, if the composition of the concrete is correct, will last for a long time in your patio or backyard.

Concrete project for your backyard


50. Coffee table from lace imprinted concrete

We love adding texture to materials, especially insert ones like concrete. Here a lace material has been utilized to imprint the fresh concrete and create a doily resembling coffee table.

Coffee table from lace imprinted concrete


51. Mix of textures and hues in concrete crafts

The green smooth texture of wax, the defined shape of the cement votive candle, the fragility of the candle wick, all come together to form a delicate yet sturdy candle to lit your evenings and exude fresh scents into your abode.

Mix of textures and hues


52. Wood and concrete combined into furniture design

A block of reinforced cement shapes the top of a coffee table realized with a wooden base. The mixture of the two generates a furniture piece meant to last for decades if properly maintained.

Wood and concrete combined into furniture design


53. Lace imprinted concrete pavement

With the same idea in mind as in the project presented above with the lace coffee table, you can use doilies to imprint cement pavement, adding thus delicate feminine touches to your garden design.

Lace imprinted concrete pavement


54. Star shaped tea candle holder

Use a glass star shaped holder and parchment paper as a base for your concrete purring, Insert a tea candle in the middle to create the proper space. You can use the resulted candle holder outdoors as well, just use a sealant to prevent moisture and water absorption.

Star shaped tea candle holder


55. A touch to hold knowledge

Bookends come in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures and materials but how about using your own form to hold all that essential knowledge tucked in your bookcase?! Exuding elegance from your fingertips.

A touch to hold knowledge


56. Concrete and glass nestling new life

One of the most elegant and vibrant combinations, the glass dome nestling on a concrete base holds and entraps life in the form of greenery, creating a micro universe to admire.

Concrete and glass nestling new life


57. Concrete phone case

Talking about sturdy concrete projects, a phone case in this industrial material is suitable for the minimalist in you. It might crack tough due to its thinness, so be aware, it might but just a fashion statement.

Concrete phone case


58. Light peeking through concrete crafts

We love industrial design and concrete objects especially. Here light is born in the central of a monolete breaking trough its roughness and escaping through the cracks.

Light peeking through concrete


59. Gemstone concrete heart necklace

We find it inspiring to merge different materials such as gold and concrete in order to create unusual objects. Concrete can thus be used to mold pendants which will definitely endure a lifetime of love.

Gemstone concrete heart necklace


60. Candlestick holders using cement and plastic containers

We at usefuldiyprojects are all about recycling and using old yogurt plastic containers as molds for your concrete projects seems like a right step. The project chosen below proposes candle sticks holders from concrete.

Candlestick holders using cement and plastic containers


61. Stacking black cement succulent holders

You can even add hues to your concrete mixture for a bold movement, especially when combined with greenery. We have come to the conclusion that succulent plants merge perfectly with concrete recipients, absorbing moisture vital to the little ones.

Stacking black cement succulent holders


62. DIY beverage cooler

Old plastic bucket has been used as a mold for creating a concrete beverage cooler suitable for outdoor summer entertainment. A metallic tap added at the base of the container will help you eliminate the water resulted from the melting ice.

DIY beverage cooler


63. Holding a garden in your concrete hands

Nestling greenery has never been more literal, we love getting our hands dirty and getting in contact with nature herself. Create a small succulent garden in the palm of your hands.

Holding a garden in your concrete hands


64. The simple concrete stool

For us this concrete base wooden legged design has become a classical one. Make sure to position the legs at the proper angle in order to prevent the stool from tilting afterwards.

The simple concrete stool


65. Bar on wheels from concrete

Suitable for both interior and exterior entertaining, the below concrete bar on wheels takes a little more work to create than the bucket concrete beverage cooler presented above.

Bar on wheels from concrete


66. Letter shaped candle holders for the dinner table

Candle light has the ability of setting the proper meal atmosphere on a tiring day, especially at dinner time. Fun letter candle stick holders can be create from concrete, everlasting, heavy enough to hold your table cloth outdoors on a windy evening.

Letter shaped candle holders for the dinner table


67. DIY Christmas cement decorations

We love Christmas decorations and creating your own little tradition of molding your own piece of décor each year seems like a positive attitude suitable to this time of the year.

DIY Christmas cement decorations


68. Concrete round candle holders

If we are at the subject of candle holders, choose to form a rather large one for your coffee table. It serves as the right piece of interior design that can stand out or blend in depending on your décor.

Concrete round candle holders


69. Elegant candlestick holders

A more complex piece has been curated below, one with a concrete base, wire spikes and candle sticks placed above in a quite peculiar design. The extra height will allow you to add extra decorations to your piece, depending on the occasion or event.

Elegant candlestick holders


70. Concrete planter on wheels perfect for patios

Leave it to you to transform the beverage bar on wheels presented below into a modern concrete planter for your balcony or patio. This is quite a versatile project, don’t you agree?

Concrete planter on wheels perfect for patios


71. Cone planters adding an edge to wood

Geometry serves us well here in the form of cone planters nestling once again succulent plants. Here the concrete texture has been toned down with a wooden base structure which is quite easy to reproduce with the right tools.

Cone planters adding an edge to wood


72. Concrete and shells mix

Add texture to texture by inserting sea shells in the concrete mixture to form the base of your planter.

Concrete and shells mix


73. A miniature garden from concrete

A simple concrete bowl can become a miniature garden placed on your dinning room table as a centerpiece.

A miniature garden from concrete


74. Cement cutlery holders for the kitchen

Why not use concrete to form cutlery holders for the kitchen countertop?

Cement cutlery holders for the kitchen


75. Cone shaped cement hanging pots

Another concrete cone planter has been curated, here hung using rope and metallic hooks attached in the concrete before drying out. Again succulents have been planted inside. You can even place air plants inside, without any soil.

Cone shaped cement hanging pots


76. Perfectly shaped geometrical holders

If law and order is your thing, geometrical design is the solution for your creative projects, reflecting your personality. You a variety of geometrical options to choose from.

Perfectly shaped geometrical holders


77. Architectural inspired flower container

If you have become a concrete DIY projects lover, go a bit further, move on from the easy ideas and opt for an architectural inspired design.

Architectural inspired flower container


78. A different approach for concrete planters

Dare to be bold, dare to be different and express yourself creatively. For some the below design might seem a bit eccentric but creating the right atmosphere in your home for your style is essential for your inner well- being.

A different approach for concrete planters


79. Rose shapes paper weights

Having lunch outdoors in a windy day can become a challenge. Cement rose shaped paper weights will hold your table cloth in place and allow you to really enjoy the moment.

Rose shapes paper weights


80. Resilient cement flower pots

Flower pots tend to brake and deform in time is placed under direct sunlight and using cement as a prime material for your diy planters is a great option, letting water go through and the roots of the plants breath, absorbing moisture from the atmosphere.

Resilient cement flower pots


81. Glass tube and cement base

Think outside the box and and merge unusual materials to create unique pieces. A glass tube and a cement base become a perfect vase for a perfect flower.

Glass tube and cement base


82. Clean concrete bowl

We tend to clutter our homes daily with small items that do not have a designated space in our homes. Concrete bowls come to your aid as perfect organizers for your everyday trinkets.

Clean concrete bowl


83. Making a cake stander from concrete

You might have never thought of using concrete to hold a cake but why not get creative. Make sure to use a sealer that is food friendly.

Making a cake stander from concrete


84. Hexagonal concrete coasters

Coasters, yet again, here morphed into geometrical shapes. Add pieces of felt on the bottoms to avoid unwanted scratches of the furniture.

hexagonal concrete coasters


85. The simplest concrete lamp

Simple design will always have a role to play and the most basic ideas that come to mind are sometimes the best ones. A cement block holding a simple Edison bulb is all that you need to create a statement piece for your nightstand.

The simplest concrete lamp


86. Modular wall planters in geometric shapes

We are fond of green walls and modular planters are a great option for creating endless geometric forms that nestle greenery . We suggest succulents as they are not pretentious, can go on with little water and light.

Modular wall planters in geometric shapes


87. Bookends from concrete

We consider bookcases essential parts of a home, concentrating knowledge and history in its contained pages. Holding the books in place is essential for an elegant, clean, organized looking bookcase and bookends made from concrete, rough, heavy yet simple and suitable come to mind.

Bookends from concrete


88. Picture letter cement holders

We all love to have a picture of our dear ones on our desks and if an actual picture frame might seem too much sometimes, create tiny picture letter cement holders.

Picture letter cement holders


90. Simple cement clock for your desk

Another simple geometric design that uses cement as a primal material for creating a clock for your desk.

Simple cement clock for your desk


91. DIY concrete coasters with gold touches

We have fallen in love with cement coasters, what can we say! You can even use them as a support for your flower pots.

DIY concrete coasters with gold touches


92. Scandinavian inspired cement concrete crafts

We have all come to love Scandinavian design due to its simplicity and elegance. Reproduce the now classical deer head using cement and tree branches as antlers.

Scandinavian inspired cement wall décor


93. Cement tea pot holder concrete crafts

Who said coasters are meant for cups and glasses only? Create your unique twist on a coaster for your tea pot, Asian inspired style. Make individual cement elements and bind them together using thick rope.

Cement tea pot holder


94. Geode inspired concrete globe planter

The most beautiful cement creation in our project selection, the geode inspired planter can become a guest star in your interior garden.

Geode inspired concrete globe planter


95. Coasters with a touch

Keep your surfaces clean and scratch free by using coasters when serving drinks. Be bold and use smooth cement with a twist.

Coasters with a touch


96. Organic folded cement flower pot

You could leave geometry behind in high-school and opt for organic patterns and forms to nestle your organic greenery. Aloe Vera plants need support in order to grow strong and tall.

Organic folded cement flower pot


97. Curved cement fruit platter

An elegant fruit platter must rest on every table in every household and a fluid take on it is a must in contemporary design.

Curved cement fruit platter


98. Tiny star shaped cement décor

We tend to spend tons of dollars on little useless things like Christmas decorations. They might seem cheap at a first glance, individually but as a hole we exceed our budgets yearly. Trey and create your own decorations, adding thus special meaning to home décor.

Tiny star shaped cement décor


99. Gold heart imprinted coasters concrete crafts

Serve drinks with your loved one on specially created cement coasters, with a touch of gold going straight to your heart.

Gold heart imprinted coasters


100. Pumpkin shaped succulent holder

For an autumn theme, you can opt for concrete pumpkin shaped succulent holders meant for your front porch.

Pumpkin shaped succulent holder concrete crafts


Here they are, our Top 100 Best Concrete Crafts To Pursue, special, one of a kind, practical yet elegant and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. We invite you to choose your favorite one, reproduce it and share your lovely personal creation with us in the comment section below. Craft away!

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