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39 DIY Glitter Projects To Add Sparkle to Your Every Day Life

We have prepared a series of 39 DIY Glitter Projects that refresh all sorts of everyday items and accessories, empowering a joyful attitude. Although glitter isn’t really an everyday accent appropriate to wear, we need a little bit of sparkle once in a while in our lives. It can add texture, light and a certain je ne sais quoi to ordinary normal items. You are allowed to feel glamorous on a Wednesday night or Friday morning, your spirits are lifted and you’re unusually cheerful.

We invite you to browse through our gallery and start your own DIY Glitter Project today. Enjoy!

1. Celebrate with a spark-add glitter to champagne bottles

diy glitter projects champagne bottle

A little sparkle to your roaring twenties party with this amazing diy glitter champagne bottle that you can make by yourself. If you want to see more guidelines just access the source.

2. Embellish our belts and accessories for a fresh look

diy glitter projects accessories

Refresh your fashion look accessories with a classy glitter way that can be easily made at home. Take how many glitter boxes with the colors that you like most and try to add on accessories by sticking them with a simple glue.

3. Arts and crafts tools can be special and personalized

diy glitter projects craft tools

How to improve your work mood by adding a little bit sparkle on to your craft tools. Try to use some double tape or glue on the handle of your tools and add glitter on , thus becoming the most special and personalized craft tools ever.

4. Turn heads on the street with glitter

diy glitter projects boats and jeans

Just a simple way to refresh your style with this sparkle idea so try to add on your shoes a little bit of glitter.

5. Throw a shiny party with glittered balloons

diy glitter projects sparkle ballons

The most simple and easy way to add to your party cool stuff such as the above glitter balloons.

6. Glitter wine stoppers for a dinner party

diy glitter projects wine stoppers

Do you want to be cool in the most easy and in detail way, take a look at his nice idea for your wine cork stoppers.

7. Express your love with glitter and hearts

diy glitter projects heart sticks

Try now this easy glitter sticks to use up on your cake or muffin that add a sweet image aside of taste.

8. Create glitter tape for wrapping presents

diy glitter projects colorful tape

If you don’t have any washi tape try to use this idea where you can use a classic tape and add glitter on it.

9. DIY glitter hair clips craft

diy glitter projects hair clips

Make your day with these diy heart hair clips that have red glitter on it and your daughter will be very happy.

10. Send postcards with style and become memorable

diy glitter projects postcards paris

Adding glitter on this old postcard and revive the memories will be the most incredible idea to improve your travel cards.

11. Resin glitter paperweights for a fancy dinner party

diy glitter projects cupcake

Take a look at this idea with resin and glitter that can be transformed into paperweights for your dinner party.

12.Glitter envelopes for colorful letters

diy glitter projects envelope

Do you like to send letters for an event or a holiday, try this cool idea with glitter where your message will be appreciated before the receiver will read it.

13. DIY glitter lace crowns for your little one’s school project

diy glitter projects little crowns

If your little one has a project at school try to look at this idea where you can create a diy glitter lace crown with glitter.

14. Play dough in glittery tones

diy glitter projects dough

Your kids and their friends will be very happy to try this idea with dough in glittery tones.

15. Decorating coffee mugs with succulent plants and glitter

diy glitter projects coffee mugs

Have some coffee mugs that you want to use in a cool way, try to look a this idea and combine glitter and succulent plants into the perfect pot.

16. Personalize your phone case with some spark

diy glitter projects phone case

Tech craft ideas that will add a stylish mood to you phone, look at this phone cover cases with glitter.

17. Monogram your items in beige gold tones

diy glitter projects pencil bag

Use glitter to personalize your pencil bag or other items that will become different in a very stylish way.

18. Create special wall art

diy glitter projects wall art

You have here a special glitter wall art idea that can be made in the comfort of your house or in company of your child, a great exercise of craft.

19. Add glamour to transparent clutches

diy glitter projects colorful boxes

Recycling transparent clutches will not save the world but it will be a nice idea to not trow some useful boxes that can be transformed into little storage things transformed with glitter.

20. Colorful glitter slime for the kid in you

diy glitter projects slime

Bored!? Try this easy colorful glitter slime and your kid inside you will come to life with this nice project.

21. Magnets with glitter for your fridge

diy glitter projects glass magnets

Improve your fridge with this cool idea where the magnets are not anymore the same excursion souvenir but are made with glitter and glass.

22. Personalize your keys for easy finding

diy glitter projects key chain

If you lose every time your keys this could be your helpful idea for not losing them anymore and a useful diy craft for you by using wood, paper and glitter.

23. Fashion hints with this earrings

diy glitter projects earrings

Lack of fashion ideas, try this colorful earrings filled with glitter in a shell of copper and resin that will make you turn heads.

24. Offer a handmade personalized gift

diy glitter projects wood spoon

Have a taste for a stylish kitchen utensil that can be a perfect handmade gift.

25. Old shoes with bold tones and glitter contrast

diy glitter projects turquoise shoes

Refresh your old shoes with a bit of colorful tones and glitter so you can make your one style and fashion statement.

26. Create a glittered table

diy glitter projects colorful desk

This amazing glitter idea can be the most amazing craft hint that you can try at home.

27. Glitter lanterns add drama to any decor

diy glitter projects orange lanterns

If you like lanterns additions to s special night for someone you love try to add sparkle to the normal ones and improve them.

28. Decorate gift wraps and tags

diy glitter projects packing

Make your gifts more personalized with this glitter idea.

29. Gold dipped glittered feathers as decor

diy glitter projects gold feathers

Just dip the feathers into the most colorful glitter and you will create an amazing effect to decorate all you want to.

30. Magic glitter wand

diy glitter projects magic wand

If your lovely one wants a magic wand you can use glitter to create something beautiful that will be appreciated.

31. Glitter polka dots sweater

diy glitter projects polka sweater

Improve your old knitted dress with polka dots made with glitter.

32. Mason jars brought to life

diy glitter projects mason jars

Make this impressive glass jar suitable for your favorite flowers by adding glitter and improve your decor.

33. Simple pillow with a sparkly twist

diy glitter projects white pillow

Enhance your dreams with this sparkle pillow on which you can use whatever color you prefer.

34. Tech glitter phone accessories

diy glitter projects phone charger

Stylish your tech by using glitter on your phone accessories.

35. Glitter coasters are perfect for a party

diy glitter projects coasters

Tired of the same old party decor? Insert glitter into the equation and revive your old accessories.

36. Glitter dipped magnet clips

diy glitter projects magnet clips

Your fridge can become stylish and useful at the same time by using glitter magnet clips to display your favorite memories.

37. DIY Silhouette Clipboard

diy glitter projects clipboard

Make a statement and think outside the box at any presentation with a glittery clipboard.

38. Decorating candle holders for special evenings

diy glitter projects candle holders

Candles are special in their own way, try to empower their beauty by using glitter into their decoration.

39. Prepare for the holidays with glitter leaves garland

diy glitter projects fallen leaves

Fall projects will definitely involve leaves, create a garland differently and add some spark.

What do you think about our small gathering of DIY Glitter Projects? Which one would you try? We would love to hear your thoughts on the subject in the comment section below.

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