Ideas on Decorating Your Modern Home with Traditional Area Rugs
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Ideas on Decorating Your Modern Home with Traditional Area Rugs

Interior architecture balances the science and art of the design within your space. From the choice of your area rug to the coffee table, there are a lot of ways to add cheerful and brightening effects to your modern home. If you are looking to add more personality and character to your home, here are some decorating tips on how to incorporate traditional area rugs into your house. This article is helpful even for those with a limited amount of area and small space.

One of the best ways to decorate is to start from the ground up. For many people, the living room is the place where we spend our time with friends and family. So, you’d like to add some focus on the interior architecture and provide a welcoming and warm atmosphere. Check out our ideas on how to decorate your home with oriental area rugs.

Choose the Proper Size

No matter the space available, you can choose the right Persian or traditional scandi rug with the proper size. Even if you find the rug of your dreams, with the perfect patterns, if it’s not the proper size it will look and feel wrong once you place it in the room. Handwoven, decorative rugs set the tone of your living space, from the dining room to the living room. You can even have a custom rug made just for your place.

A traditional rug is mostly placed in the living quarters, under the coffee table, or on the sofa. If you want to place it in other rooms, it needs to be under the bed in the bedroom or under the dining table in the kitchen. Measuring the furniture is essential when sizing the rug. You need to follow the rule of 2 extra feet on each side and size the rug accordingly.

In the bedroom, the rug needs to align with the width of both bedside tables and can be placed on the front. It’s important to measure the length and width of the room you are decorating and subtract 2 to 3 feet.

Determine the Pattern and Design

Interior design includes incorporating and blending a lot of concepts. If you decorate a room without paying attention to the aesthetics, you will end up having a plain and lifeless living space. It’s important to choose your colors and set up the design in your home. We always recommend that you go with neutral colors, like neutral wall colors, floor, and furniture, and choose a rug with colorful patterns and design. Otherwise, the patterns on your floor will interfere with those on the rug and you’ll get a hectic and overwhelming room appearance.

Choose The Direction

If you want your decoration to be proper and complemented, you can create a sense of anchorage and harmony with the proper direction of your rug. For example, if you place the rug in the living room, consider on which side the rest of the furniture is turned and place the rug in the opposite direction. This way, you will create a look at the structure and add a noticeable path to your room. And you’ll have a sense of order and interest, not only design in the room. There are some dos and don’ts of rug placements you need to take into consideration before you decide on the direction.

How to Decorate a Round vs Square Rug

Rectangular rugs are more traditional but they are great for defining spaces. However, there’s something beautiful about round rugs as well. They add softness to the room and sometimes will fit the place perfectly.

The rectangular rug needs to be in proportion with the rest of the furniture and have the right size, otherwise will look out of place. To start with the correct placement of the rug, will depend on what type of sofa configuration you have and on how big the room is. If you have two sofas, the rectangular rug needs to be positioned between both of them and from an equal distance.

The round-shaped rug is perfect for hall areas or small spaces that look empty. If you have a corner space and a sofa, you can place the rug to sit in front of the sofa so it makes the room appear lighter.

In case you have a modular sofa, a rug of a standard size can fall short on both sides. For this purpose, it’s best if you go for a custom rug since it will provide more intimacy to your room by connecting all of the elements and complementing the design.

Cover High-Traffic Areas

High-traffic areas need to be covered in the house with a rug of your liking. When people walk through, one foot should not be on the floor while the other one is on the rug. It’s uncomfortable and awkward. Make sure you decorate the high-traffic areas with a rug.

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