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Decorating with Rugs Tips and Tricks

Rugs are excellent choices when you want to make a significant impact in a dull room as they tend to rev up space. Selecting the right rug can bring together all your accent colors. Rugs also enhance motifs to a neutral color palette and relax hard edges in a modern space. Simply put, rugs have the uncanny ability to anchor a space, defining it, bringing warmth on board, and aiding in layering a room’s decoration.

There are multiple distinct approaches of decorating with rugs, including:

Utilize Rugs to Expound Areas

Utilise rugs to expound or distinguish areas, for example, lobbies, seating or kitchen area. Employing rugs to expound areas comes in handy in humongous spaces or studio apartments.

Decorating with Rugs Can Create Variety

Rugs can be utilized to make diversity within a room. It is vital to note that two rugs within a room can visually divide it, hence creating an impression of two distinct spaces. Thus you must utilize rugs of different shapes and sizes within your area. Land of Rugs has a wide variety of rugs you can choose from for different purposes.

Create Harmony

When utilizing several rugs within your living space, it is advisable to use rugs that complement each other regarding panache. If you fail to observe this simple rule, you will end up with a conflicting effect as the numerous motifs will steal away the harmony within the space.

Acquire Concepts for a Color Scheme

Utilize your preferred rug as the beacon of your room’s colour scheme. On the flip side, if you get the carpet after you have already acquired the furniture, you can use it to accent the current colors.

For example, if your walls are painted a soft blue, a rug with warm earth tones, a beige and tan cowhide rug, will create a cozy and inviting feel. On the other hand, if your décor is more vibrant and colorful, a rug with a bold pattern or bright accent colors can tie the room together beautifully. 

Control the Volume

Rugs can be employed to visually silence a space or turn up the volume as required. If the walls are covered with wallpaper, which has an overelaborate motif, select a carpet toned down. If the walls are subtle, choose a motif, which is busier as it will bring on board more interest within the space.

Make a Focal Point

A rug can serve as a focal point for your space. To achieve this, you need to contrast by painting the walls a hue, which echoes one of the carpet’s significant colours.

Move the Shapes Around

Let the furniture arrangement spell out the shape of the carpet to acquire since they come in various forms. It is wise to take your time before deciding on the shape of the rug to settle for.

Ensure You Get the Perfect Size

When you acquire a rug, minus 36 inches from the breadth and length of the room, the bare floor at the edges creates an impression of the room being more extensive than it is. When placing a carpet beneath the dining table, leave about 24 inches of the rug from the table’s edge from all sides. The 24 inches ensure that the back legs of the chairs are on the carpet at all times. On the other hand, runner’s rugs should be 4 inches thinner than the foyer and 18 inches shorter.


Always utilize liners to prevent the rug from slipping. Ensure that the liner is suitable for the floor type.

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