What Kind of Services Should You Expect From an Architecture Firm
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What Kind of Services Should You Expect From an Architecture Firm

What kind of services should one expect from an architecture firm? Not all architects offer the same set of services, which is why it’s important to match your project’s needs with their capabilities first. However, the process could be much simpler if you work with a well-established architecture firm instead of a single architect. They are more likely to have several expert architects with different specialties on the payroll. That variety in specialization ensures that clients can work with multiple architects from different fields, as needed. That does not necessarily mean that all architecture firms you come across will deliver a comprehensive set of services, but the some of them will. As for what a comprehensive set of architectural services should look like, let’s find out.

An Architecture Firm offers Selective Precision Services

Specialised architecture firms are selective in the work that they do, focussing on precision and quality. These are generally small companies with a limited but talented set of specialist architects working for them. It is similar to working with a single, specialist architect in terms of focus, but you can expect a comparatively complete set of services from a specialty architecture firm.

Although comprehensive service can be beneficial, specialization in lieu of the concerned project should take precedence. For example, if you need to build a bridge, you should consult with an urban design architecture firm, and not a firm that specializes in green architecture or interior design exclusively. Similarly, you will need habitat preservation architects to design or renovate natural preserves, because commercial architects would not know how to go about it.

Concept to Completion Services

“Concept to completion” refers to any and all types of architectural services that a client may need to complete the project from beginning to end. Only a decent sized architecture firm with specialised architects from multiple architectural specialties can promise that. This should include, but may not be limited to:

  • Existing construction design evaluation and appraisal
  • New construction design
  • Concept design and project planning
  • Building regulations design and application
  • Construction motoring

For more information about what to expect from concept to completion services, contact this architect Cambridge firm with experienced specialists across multiple subsectors.

Conservation and Restoration Architectural Services

The United Kingdom is full of historical structures that have stood the test of time. However, many of them would not have stood the test as well as they have if it was not for the conservation and restoration efforts taken in recent years to preserve them. This can be extremely challenging because of the objective here. They are historical sites, so the objective is to create designs for renovating the structures while changing as little of the original architecture as possible. Since archaeological structures are ancient by default, it’s not easy to create plans for renovations and repairs that would strengthen them without changing what they are supposed to be.

In conclusion, it can be stated confidently that there is no universal set of expectations that a developer can have for architects in general. It’s more fruitful to set the project’s requirements down first and then approach qualified architects/architecture firms to see whether they can deliver on those requirements.

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