Understanding the Relevance of the Surety Bail Bond Agent – Things That You Need to Know
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Understanding the Relevance of the Surety Bail Bond Agent

Even though people usually get confused with the phrase “bounty hunter,” the surety bail bond agent can get best described as, the work needed to be done when a person is in touch with the defendant to ensure that they make the court appearance. The term bounty hunter is not a legal term that gets used in most places in the United States.

Simply put, the surety bond agents will do all it takes to affirm that the defendant is aware of the best time to have the court date. And in case the defendant doesn’t arrive at the court and his or her absence gets marked, the surety bond agent will track the defendant. And this process generally makes the surety bond agent ask for a warrant to arrest the defendant. It enables the agent to look for the defendant legally. To know more about this and other aspects related to bail bonds, you can check out Castle Bail Bonds.

Why is it known as a surety bail?

When a person commits an offense and gets arrested, a bail is often posted for removing them from experiencing the jail time. And in some situations where the defendant can’t afford the bail amount, a surety bond can get issued. The word “surety” gets derived from sure, which indicates the agent’s job to make sure that the defendant appears at the court when it’s needed. Hence, the title depends on the accountability of the surety agents. And it’s their responsibility to ensure that the client is accountable and is a part of the court hearing.

Surety vs. Bail

The ideal way to differentiate between surety and bail is all about the number of parties. In case of an everyday bail bond, the accused pays the bail amount to the court in cash. And that gets them the sanction to be removed from the court. In the case of a surety bond, the defendant needs to work in co-operation with the bond agent and the court. And if you aren’t able to post the bail, it’s essential to join hands with a surety bond agent. The agent will then work in co-operation with the court and the accused to affirm that they will be present for the court appearance.

Who can become the surety bond agent?

Not everyone can work in the role of a surety bond agent. It is necessary to pass some of the qualifications for becoming the surety bond agent, such as:

  • Be of 18 years at least
  • Pass the background check
  • Go through and pass the pre-licensing program for surety bail bond
  • Pass the licensing exam within 180 days of completing the program

Once you have these qualifications, you will be in a position to cater to the requirements of the job. Today, the leading bail bond companies have surety bond agents that enable people in their bail bond process. It is essential not to confuse the surety bond agents with what you see on the television—the best ones in the clients’ job care and safety. Hence, you should join hands with a reputed bail bond company if you require assistance.

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