he Cheapest Way To Straighten Teeth
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Discover The Cheapest Way To Straighten Teeth

There are many reasons why your teeth may not be aligned. After all, everyone has different sized teeth, different sized mouths, and are vulnerable to an array of external factors. In children and adults, thumb sucking can cause alignment issues. In contrast, adults can develop issues if they grind their teeth regularly.

Whatever the cause, if you want the best smile possible and boost your confidence, you need to straighten your teeth and ensure they are properly aligned. We recommend visiting this Dental Veneers Syracuse ny to get nice, straight teeth. The good news is that this is possible. Discover the cheapest ways to straighten teeth.

Metal Braces

Metal braces are generally the cheapest option which is why they remain one of the most popular options. A small metal bracket is glued to each tooth. The brackets then have a wire threaded through them which applies pressure, allowing the teeth to slowly move into position. The wires are held in place with small elastic bands and you’ll need to visit your dentist every month or two to have the wire adjusted and ensure the alignment is proceeding as planned.

There is also a self-adjusting version of this brace which costs slightly more but involves less frequent visits to the dentist.

You may be interested to note that you can also get the traditional metal brace fitted using ceramic brackets instead of metal ones. These can be coloured the same colour as your teeth, making them much less visible. Of course, there is an additional charge when using ceramic as opposed to metal brackets.


Invisalign is a type of clear brace. There are others but this is arguably the most well-known and the best option. You’ll find most reputable dental practices, such as this Little Bay Invisalign specialist, will be happy to fit this type of brace for you.

The Invisalign does the same job as the metal brace. However, instead of being fitted to the outside of your teeth, it is designed as a clear plate that sits on the inside of your teeth. It is custom-made and gently pushes the teeth into position.

This approach means more frequent brace changes to ensure correct alignment is reached. This is a large part of the reason this type of brace is more expensive. But, it is invisible and that makes it very appealing, especially to adults who have their teeth straightened later in life. That’s something that is becoming increasingly common.

Lingual Braces

The lingual brace is the most expensive option. These braces are completely hidden and are attached to the back of the teeth. This means you won’t be able to see them unless you open your mouth very wide.

If you’re concerned about your appearance then this is the best option. But, in reality, the clear braces, such as Invisalign, are barely visible and very effective for a reasonable cost. That makes then the better option, especially if you are concerned about the way you look.

In all cases, you’ll need regular monitoring from the dentist to ensure things are going smoothly. You should never try to correct your tooth alignment by yourself, it is likely to lead to issues in the future.

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