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5 Things You Can Do in Your Garage

Nowadays, garages generally aren’t used for storing cars as some garages – especially those built with new properties, are far too small to accommodate a car. However, many people use garages for a host of other activities. So, if you have a garage sitting unused, here are 5 things you can do in your garage.

Build a Classic Car or Motorcycle

So you might not use your garage to store your everyday automobile, but you could use it as a place in which to build a kit car or a classic automobile. You cant do this in your home due to the mess caused by oil and dirty car parts, so a garage is a perfect place to tinker away with 1954 Chevy parts and Harley Davidson engines. In addition, building a car in your garage will keep the components safe from weather extremes and theft.

You will need to install electricity in the building so you can use power tools and run lights and a heater or fan so that you are comfortable at all times of the day. Hiring a licensed and experienced electrician is best for your safety. Make sure the electrical company also has insurance for your protection.

Turn it into an Art Studio

If you are a creative person or just enjoy expressing yourself through the medium of art, you could convert your garage into an art studio.

Cover the floor of the garage with an easily washable or wipeable flooring as you will more than likely spill turpentine or oil paints on it at some point. If the floor is concrete, you could probably leave the floor as it is.

Install plenty of cupboards and shelving units deep enough to store large sheets of paper, paints, and paintbrushes. A sink would be a great item to have in the garage so that you can clean your brushes and wash your hands without having to use the washroom facilities in your home.

Plenty of natural light is a must for an art studio so that you can see your paint colors in the proper light. Install a glass roof lantern or some floor-to-ceiling windows along the front of the building.

Remember to leave plenty of floor space to store large canvasses and a blank wall on which to hang your creations while you work on them – or use a bespoke easel.

Open a Grooming Parlor for Dogs

If you have a passion for pooches, you may want to consider transforming your garage into a grooming parlor.

The garage will need electricity so that you can use electric grooming tools, install heaters, air conditioning, and good lighting sources. A water supply is essential so that you can bathe the dogs and wash equipment.

Get a local carpenter to build some holding pens for dogs to sit in while they see waiting to be groomed, some shelves and cupboards for supplies, and perhaps a reception desk. You will also require a grooming table and a dog bath. You could decorate the walls with framed prints of dogs and some price lists and examples of your qualification certificates. Install flooring that is swept and washed easily as you will have dog hairs everywhere!

Chill Out in a Yoga Studio

Yoga is a popular pastime for many people. However, if you enjoy it and would love your own studio or would like to teach others the skill, a garage makes a perfect place in which to do it.

The building should be turned into a comfortable, tranquil place. If you can see your garden from the garage, make a feature of it and install large picture windows that will frame the beautiful view and add to the atmosphere. Heating and air conditioning need to be right as you do not want yourself or clients to feel uncomfortable and unable to relax. If Hot Yoga is a specialty of yours, you will need an effective heating system.

Decorate the studio with soothing colors such as muted greens and delicate shades of yellow and orange. Hang art depicting Buddha, rainforest vegetation, and inspirational quotations. Ensure the atmosphere is serene and relaxing. You could use a portable CD player to provide you with a source of meditative music or have speakers installed into the ceiling of the garage and a music system built in.

A great yoga studio also has a touch of healing crystals to boost positive vibes. For example, quartz and fluorite can help increase your focus and meditation. Moonstone is an excellent crystal for intuition and hematite for grounding. You can wear or display healing crystals in your garage to improve your mood for yoga and meditation. Plus, you can hang a chime or a dream catcher to make your yoga area more interesting and inviting. 

Work From Home

More and more people are working from home these days, so it makes sense to have a proper home office instead of working at the dining table.

Install heating and electricity in the garage if required and then kit it out however you want. For example, you can set up a desk at a window overlooking your garden if that’s possible, hang some of your favorite pictures or photographs on the walls and furnish the room with plenty of storage, a comfortable chair, and a sound system or television for break time. In addition, you may want to have a coffee maker or kettle and refrigerator, so you don’t have to go to the house every time you need some refreshments.

Moreover, installing one of the best mini-split for a garage makes your work-from-home environment more comfortable and productive, perfect for use during hot summer months. Add more comfort by placing soft throw pillows on seating areas, allowing you to relax or nap during your break. You can also improve your garage’s indoor air quality with some indoor houseplants, like succulents.  


You can turn your garage into a creative, useful, and inspiring space, such as an art studio, yoga room, pet parlor, or home office. Many people also love to build classic cars and other things in their garage spaces. With creative imagination and resourcefulness, you can make your garage a place to hone your skills in arts, music, photography, literature, and any niche or activity you’re passionate about doing.  

Photo by Maxim Selyuk on Unsplash

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