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Stunning 15 DIY Floor Lamps to Complete a Room

Furniture and lighting fixtures are essential for making a room as perfect and functional as humanly possible. One particular items that stands out is the classical floor lamp. And while others choose to buy one, others would go above and beyond in creating stunning DIY floor lamps from scratch.

Lighting plays a vital role in forming a room’s atmosphere and ambiance, accentuating certain aspects of it whilst hiding in the soft shadows undesired imperfections. Used properly, lighting fixtures such as DIY floor lamps can make or brake a room’s design.

DIY floor lamps follow, all unique in their design, cast a glance and choose your favorite.

1. Steampunk Inspired DIY Floor Lamp

steampunk inspired floor lamp


Steampunk is never a bad idea for  furniture and this floor lamp is a proof that everyone can agree on.

2. DIY Pipe Lamp Perfect For Any Room

diy pipe lamp


You can even use pipes to create yet another steampunk industrial floor lamp design.

3. From Dull To Stunning DIY Floor Lamps

transforming old floor lamp


Recycle an old floor lamp by painting it a new hue and by adding a little more detail.

4. Branches Create The Best DIY Floor Lamps

branches diy floor lamp


If you have cut branches long enough for a floor lamp make use to transform them into something out of the ordinary.

5. Pipe Tripod Floor Lamp You Can Easily Form

pipe tripod diy floor lamps


6. Make Use Of The Extra Wood

recycled wood floor lamp


7. Discarded Wood Blocks To Lovely Floor Lamp

leftover wood blocks forming a DIY floor lamp


Who knew cut or extra blocks of woods can create a stunning and rustic floor lamp? You will never throw away cut boards and wood ever again and you will definitely create more furniture with this idea.

8. Feminine Wooden Tripod

feminine wooden tripod


9. Transforming Soda Bottles Into An Elegant Floor Lamp

soda bottles forming a lamp


Using and recycling plastic is the proper way to go, but ideas can run out.

10. Easy Modern Copper Floor Lamp

copper floor lamp


This perfect copper floor lamp can be used in any type of home, may it be modern, minimalist or a country home. It’s easy to assemble and will surely be worth the effort.

11. Spread The Light In A Crystal Ball

crystal ball floor lamp


A crystal ball to spread the light is always a great idea inside a home.

12. Creating Display Worthy Floor Lamp

rope base floor lamp


13. Never Be Throwing PVC

recycled pvc floor lamp


14. Nature’s Touch On A Modern Floor Lamp

driftwood DIY floor lampS


Driftwood creates perfect insertions in a modern home.

15. Rustic Floor Lamp With Shallow Shelves

rustic  DIY floor lamp


Creating a pallet floor lamp with a rustic look that fits any home and any room.

Are you up for the challenge of creating your own floor lamp? Feel free to share your projects in the comment section below.


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