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Bird Netting – Your Next DIY Project

Bird netting is an essential addition to your property if you’re having trouble with birds in your home or your garden. But, with the materials available for an affordable price, why pay a professional to install them?

We’ve put together a guide on bird netting, including what it is, why you need it on your property, and how to install it yourself – everything you need to know to begin your next DIY project.

What is Bird Netting

Bird netting is a type of bird proofing designed to prevent birds from landing in specific areas. Bird nets are incredibly versatile; they can be used in residential properties, gardens, commercial spaces, and industrial roofs.

Compared to other bird control methods that work by scaring them away, bird nets create a barrier that is impenetrable by a particular bird species. For example, nets for gulls and pigeons have much larger holes than nets designed to control sparrows and starlings.

For this reason, it’s important to identify the type of bird causing you trouble. If there are more than one bi

For this reason, it’s important to identify the type of bird causing you trouble. If there are more than one bird species on your property, always opt for the anti bird netting with the smallest holes. 

Benefits of Bird Netting

Bird netting provides a number of benefits to any property it’s installed on.

The main reason for using bird netting at home is to prevent the damage that birds can cause. While they may look harmless, birds cause a vast amount of damage to properties everywhere they go.

Whether they’re eating the fruit from your favourite trees, nibbling on the vegetables you’ve been carefully tending to, or destroying your latest DIY garden creation for nesting materials – they are pests that require control.

As well as damage, birds leave behind excrement wherever they go. Did you know that bird droppings are acidic? Birds are creatures of habit that will often perch in the same place, meaning that, over time, these droppings can lead to corrosion which may even result in structural damage to your property. 

As if this wasn’t enough, birds are also known carriers of a wide range of diseases – some of which can cause life-threatening illnesses! These diseases are most commonly spread via their droppings.

This list of problems that birds cause may surprise you, but fortunately, bird netting is an effective solution that will eradicate all of these issues.

Installing Bird Netting

So how do you reap the benefits of bird netting?

The first step is identifying the problem area that you will install bird netting. This may be a small patch in your garden, your roof, or even your whole property. Once identified, measure the space that needs covering to know what size netting you require.

At the same time, try to identify which species of bird is causing you trouble. If you’re not a bird expert, don’t worry! You can still purchase the correct type of bird netting by approximating their size – as long as the birds can’t fit through the gaps in the mesh, then it will work.

Next, you need to assess the most appropriate fixing method. This ultimately depends on the area you’re netting and what’s around. For example, if you’re only covering a small area in the garden to protect certain plants, you can use traditional eye screws or clips to secure the nets.

However, if you’re netting your whole roof, you may need to build a bespoke rig to secure the net in place successfully. While we all love a DIY project, there is no shame in admitting defeat sometimes and using the services of a professional for the best results. Also, safety is essential and netting your roof can be dangerous, especially if you’re tackling the job alone.

Thankfully, bird nets are an incredibly low-maintenance proofing method. Once your nets are successfully in place, you don’t need to mess with them.

It’s clear to see the impact that bird netting your property can have. Not only will it prevent damage to your home and garden, but it can also help to keep you and your loved ones safe from harm. So keep the birds off of your property for good, and get cracking on your next DIY project today!

Photo by Another Day Xx on Unsplash

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