Guide For Choosing the Right Crate Size for Big Dogs
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Guide For Choosing the Right Crate Size for Big Dogs

Whether keeping your dog in the crates meant for its breed or upgrading, the crate size is critical. Dogs tend to have a powerful sense of smell and often like to have a place they can ‘mark’ as their territory and go back to when needed. So keep that basic instinct of your pet in mind while choosing any crate or kennel. When choosing the right dog crate size, make sure it’s large enough for your four-legged friend to be able to stand straight, turn around, and lay down smoothly but not too large either so that their comfortable sleep gets disturbed especially for your recently bought personal protection dogs for sale. Also, don’t miss out on your pet’s age because they grow pretty fast. Here are some suggestions on how pet owners make the right choice.

Measure length, height, and weight

Have your dog standstill to get an accurate measurement? Start by measuring from the nose tip to the back of the tail. Don’t forget about extra inches for added wiggle room to accommodate an excited dog. For larger dogs, it is best to add around 4″ extra on their length and 2″ – 4″ on their height to determine their crate size. For height estimation, you may have to bribe your dog with some treats so that they sit upright, and you can measure them from the floor to the top of their head. Also, weight can be another critical component in deciding the cage size, such as small, medium, and oversized (L, XL, & XXL).

Breeds like Irish Wolfhound, Scottish Deerhound, Borzoi, Mastiff, or such others may need a 54 inch XXL dog crate or larger to fit comfortably in it. Such options can carry a giant dog weighing more than 110 lbs easily.

Crate types

Choice of material can also be an essential consideration. You get metal, wood, and plastic as options on a hard base. For softer walls, you can rely on polyester models. In XXL sizes, metal can be the go-to pick. Metal cages allow your dog to enjoy a clear view of the surroundings. You don’t have to worry about cleaning if it becomes soiled due to training mishaps. These are pretty easy to manage. Using metal crates makes good sense for their excellent airflow in warmer climates. Metal designs also suit dogs with long coats. Their dual door system can be an additional attraction. Keep an eye on the accessories also. Features like a removable tray, for example, can be good to have.

There is no shortage of dog crates in the market. However, you must shop from a trusted store for a quality product. Check reviews to understand the product details for their dimension, build, material, etc. Due to this, you will not have to doubt your selection. If you like something, you can buy it. But make sure you prioritize your dog’s comfort over the crate design. In the end, your furry friend has to find peace and comfort in its den. Otherwise, they can remain moody or irritated, which is unfavorable for anyone.

Photo by Ayla Verschueren on Unsplash

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