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How to Dog-Proof a House Successfully

While puppies are always curious and want to check everything, some older dogs can also be the same way. Dogs are curious by nature. They have a strong sense of smell. If you have decided to adopt a new dog, you may want to know how to dog-proof a house to keep them safe.

Some homeowners make the mistake of not dog-proofing their houses. This negligence is how accidents can happen. Your new dog may get caught in something, wander to a forbidden place, or fall ill. It is important to know how to dog-proof a house to keep everyone safe, healthy, and free from accidents. This can help prevent a scramble to the emergency department. You certainly don’t want Fido chewing on an electrical cord!

When it comes to dog-proofing your house, start by observing your animal. Think outside the box. The kitchen can have pieces of dropped onion, raisins, grapes or even chocolate, all dangerous for dogs. You will eventually know how to dog-proof a house with a little care and effort.

Here are some ideas on how homeowners can dog-proof a house successfully:


The kitchen can hold many dangers for a curious dog. Food in the kitchen is a given, so there will be yummy smells emanating from here. Try to keep everything covered and tucked in as far as possible so your dog cannot get at it. It may be difficult for smaller dogs, but bigger dogs can reach the top of your counter. They can also stretch and jump using their hind legs and grab something.

A kitchen is also a place where utensils and sharp knives are kept. A boiling pot may come crashing down, or a knife may fall and cause some serious damage. You need to be there and not leave when using a bubbling pot. Your dog could get scalded, so never leave anything unattended. 

Dogs may also try to eat sponges or chew and swallow twisty ties. These can cause the dog to get sick. If you leave the kitchen, make sure to store everything away so your dog cannot get at it. If your dog keeps eating food from the kitchen, its current diet may be a problem and may need an extra boost. Consider enriching their meals with natural raw dog food, a favourite choice among many pet owners.


The bathroom may be a small space, but there could be many potential dangers here, especially if you’ve got a naughty doggy. Many people store medication here. There may be other items like vitamins and cleaning supplies that are most likely poisonous. 

Sometimes, you may drop a pill and not know it. Your dog may swallow it. There may be other accessories here, so please keep them stored safely so that no matter what, your dog cannot get at them.

Living Rooms

The living room may look innocent enough, but this is the place where you are going to find all sorts of electrical cords. Some dogs may start to chew or gnaw away at these cords. This is not only dangerous for them but you as well. This is also a place where your kids may play with toys and leave them on the floor. 

Some of these toys may have small parts which a dog can easily swallow. Even if they don’t choke, it will be a medical emergency if they manage to swallow it. Also, never leave an open window and go out. Dogs have been known to jump out of a second-storey window. 

The Garage

A garage is a place with lots of tools, lots of chemicals and a whole host of other dangerous possibilities that can hurt your dog. Anti-freeze can smell and taste sweet and tempting. If your dog manages to spill a jug and licks it, it may be the last thing he or she ever does. 

There may be a power saw with a sharp blade plugged in. If your dog manages to somehow switch this on, you have a major catastrophe. Be very careful with all your tools and equipment in the garage!

Photo by Krista Mangulsone on Unsplash

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