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5 Essential Roof Tips for Homeowners

The roof is an essential part of any building. Taking care of it not only keeps you safe from unbearable weather conditions but also helps to preserve the market value of your home. With proper care and maintenance tips, you expect to have a longer service life and eliminate the need for costly and extensive repairs down the line. Here are some essential roof tips that every homeowner needs to know:

Eliminate moss and lichens

Algae, moss, and lichens are not only unsightly. They can also lead to severe damage to your roof. They thrive during the warmer months and mostly in shady areas of your roof. Get a professional to clear the growth. To prevent more lichens, algae, and moss from forming, apply zinc and copper to prevent them from growing back. That will go a long way towards protecting your shingles and increasing the lifespan of your roof.

Assess the shingles after every season

The different seasons come with various problems. The hotter months bear the risk of hurricane damages and excessive sun damage. Likewise, the winter months may cause leaks from melting ice and snow or cause snowstorms. It is, therefore, necessary to have regular inspections of your roofing materials after every season. Check the shingles for any signs of wear and damage. Find an expert dealing with residential roofs in Indiana to replace any missing shingles. Ask the professionals to inspect the vent pipes and vet the integrity of the caulk surrounding the flashing. They could also check if there is any decay beneath shingles to arrest the situation in good time.

Clear out the gutters

Gutters protect your roof by having water and debris move away. They can only do their job efficiently if they are in perfect condition. Ensure that by removing any leaves, sticks, and debris from the gutter. A clean gutter will work best in removing the debris away from the roof and home foundation, therefore, maintaining your roof.

Clear out your roof of debris and leaves

Removing debris and leaves regularly helps to protect your home from damage. It works to prevent moss, lichen, and algae from growing on your roof. Remember, your gutter may not catch all the sticks and leaves that fall on the house. Check your roof regularly and remove any debris piling.

Make sure the attic has the proper insulation

Having proper insulation on your attic is essential for your roof to stay in good condition. Minus insulation, snow and ice can accumulate on the roofing during winter and then melt to the lowest layer. At the lower layer, it can refreeze around the shingles. In the case of an ice dam, there could be damage to the shingles and roof. Proper insulation in the attic ensures that heat does not escape from your home and that ice dams do not form. Install insulation in your attic to save your roof.

Wrapping up

You cannot always know what to look out for to keep your roof in good condition. That is why it is necessary to identify trusted experts in your area who specialize in residential roofing to do it on your behalf.

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