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Do’s and Don’ts of DIY Snow Removal: How to Keep Your Property Safe and Damage-Free

When you were a kid, you might have cheered for snow. Heavy snow could mean a day out of school and something to go out and play in that you don’t get the rest of the year. As an adult, your attitude is likely very different. Removing snow is a serious dilemma because trying it might mean hurting yourself but not doing it can potentially hurt your home, property, and possessions. Knowing some fundamental do’s and don’ts about safe DIY snow removal helps you navigate the winter conundrum.

Snow Removal Do’s

If the idea of clearing your property of snow intimidates you, then take relief in the fact that just a handful of snow removal tips can make life much easier for you. For starters, think about putting tall stakes around your walking paths and driveway. That makes it a lot easier to find the boundaries of those elements of your landscape when they’re buried in snow.

The second thing you should do before it ever snows is got the right shovel. Bigger isn’t always better because a large shovel might make your arms stiff and your back hurt. The material matters, too, as aluminum or heavy plastic blades make the work easier. Get a c-blade shovel for light snowfall or an s-blade for heavier coverage.

Make sure you shovel frequently. It might be tempting to wait until it’s done totally snowing, especially if another round is on your local weather report. However, letting snow stick around just means there will be more later for you to handle. You might even find some of it has frozen.

Snow Removal Don’ts

The biggest don’t is making sure you shovel snow without getting hurt. However, that’s far from the only thing that you should avoid while doing this. For one thing, don’t put snow near your home’s foundation. That can result in cracks in the foundation, and it might even freeze your pipes.

If you decide to take care of the snow yourself, don’t use improper form while shoveling snow. Using your arms and back too much can wear you down or injure you. Instead, bend with your knees, and do the lifting with your legs. You can also prevent straining one side of your body too much by switching back and forth between left- and right-handed shoveling and even alternating between underhanded and overhanded grips.

Don’t buy just a shovel. A snow blower can do a lot of the work for you, but make sure you maintain it seasonally, so it’s ready to go during the winter. Roof rakes are effective tools for sloped roofs that you also might want to invest in.

Snow Removal Is Essential

If you like saving money, then the thought of investing in snow removal equipment probably doesn’t appeal to you. However, snow removal is important for several reasons:

  1. Avoid Delays: Removing snow means you can get in and out of your home easily.
  2. Compliance: Snow removal might be a local legal requirement, part of your HOA, or even a stipulation of a lease or insurance you have.
  3. Prevent Accidents: Snow means a higher risk of slips and falls that can break bones.
  4. Skip Ice Accumulation: Snow that builds up too much can result in ice that is more dangerous and harder to get rid of.

Bottom Line

Every year has a cold season where you have to watch out for snow storms, and they can happen anytime during those seasons. Use these do’s while avoiding these don’ts to make snow removal easier and safer. As a result, you protect yourself and your home at the same time. Alternatively, skip doing the work by yourself and use the snow removal specialists in Barrington or your area to handle all of this for you. It can be that easy to ensure that you and your home are snow-proofed. 

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