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Choosing A Local Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Scottsdale Home

Selling your Scottsdale home is not an easy task. People face several challenges while selling their homes, like adequately pricing the home, getting ready for sale, and finding the right buyer. Moreover, most buyers don’t agree to the list price, and hence the price negotiations fail.

If you want to make sure you sell your house at a fair price and within your deadline, you need to work with real estate agents Scottsdale AZ. Here are a few reasons why working with local real estate agents is a good idea when selling your Scottsdale home.

Avoid Emotional Sales

For most people selling their home is an emotional process. They often make mistakes like overpricing their homes. They feel offended when any buyer makes a low price offer and give in too quickly if they have set a deadline for selling their house.

As per recent data, the Scottsdale house prices are up by 18.5% compared to last year. The Scottsdale real estate market is bustling with deals, and there is a huge difference in supply and demand. In such market conditions, selling your house for a price lower than the market price can be a huge mistake.

Working with real estate agents in Scottsdale, AZ, will help prevent overpricing or underpricing mistakes.

Real Estate Agents Have Access To Large Networks.

Most people prefer going alone while selling their house. They list their house for sale on one of the property websites and hope buyers will line up to buy their house.

 Though there is a massive demand for homes in Scottsdale, not all real estate sales end successfully. Many Scottsdale homes listed for sale don’t find buyers for a long time due to various reasons. Most buyers are not interested in old listings, and they will not approach you if your house has remained unsold for a long time.

Real estate agents have an extensive network of property dealers, companies, and prospective buyers. They help you find a suitable buyer for your house and ensure that the property is being sold for the correct price.

Get Your Home Ready For Sale

According to recent real estate data, around 36.1% of Scottsdale homes are sold above the list price. The data also mentions 12.6% of Scottsdale witnessed price drops due to various reasons. Merely listing your house for sale will not ensure that it gets sold within your deadline.

The presentation of your house plays a huge factor in its sale. A prospective buyer inspects your house before making a decision. The buyer may also schedule a professional inspection to identify if there are any problems in your house. For example, your house may have damage or leakage problems, making the house unattractive.

As per recent data, North Scottsdale home prices rose by 26.9% compared to last year, and around 189 homes were sold in September 2021. A real estate agent will suggest necessary improvements to make the house attractive for prospective buyers.

The agent may also schedule a visit of a professional evaluator to find the actual value of your house as per market rates. The report given by the house evaluator will help decide the right price for your property, which will attract more buyers.

To sum up, these are some of the reasons to team up with a local real estate agent when selling your Scottsdale home.

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