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Tung Oil As A Woodworking Finish: What Are The Benefits?

It’s the woodworking finish that gives your corner tables, chairs, doors, and anything wooden, that beautiful glare and shine; it elevates the aesthetics of your piece. Various types of oils are used to finish up woodwork, depending on the amount and nature of shine needed. Today we will discuss Tung oil, its uses, and the benefits that outweigh other oils. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Understanding Tung Oil

Tung oil is extracted from the Tung tree that is found across Asian countries. The oil is obtained from the seeds of the tree and has a thick consistency to it. The Tung tree thrives in cool temperatures but cannot survive in hot environments. Tung oil has been used for decades on boats, furniture, and other woodwork. The oil was recognized as being water-resistant that first led to its use in woodworking. The oil is capable of seeping into the wood and creating a water-resistant coating that penetrates the wood 5mm deep.

In woodworking terms, the oil makes the grains pop and gives the wood its signature wet look. Besides providing a fresh look to the wood grains, Tung oil is also the first choice for projects that are easy to execute and require an environment-friendly setting. Now that we have understood a bit about Tung oil, let’s jump right in and read the benefits of using it.

Wood Finishing

As it’s a natural material, Tung oil is the choice for most woodworkers so that they can get a perfect finish. The oil has many characteristics like it is durable enough to resist water and provides strength for long periods. Furthermore, the oil is food safe, improves the durability of wood, cannot catch mold, expire, or change its characteristics. However, you need to follow an adequate procedure to get results. The wood grain finish of the oil is amazing and it takes less time to apply when compared to similar oils. Tung oil can easily improve the aesthetics of a matte finish.

Alternate Options

Most oils used in woodworking are not applicable on different surfaces. However, Tung oil can be easily used on metal, wood, stone, brick, concrete, and other surfaces with ease. Researching is necessary to better understand the oil’s benefits. You can search online to read more about Tung Oil here so that you can make the right decision when it comes to choosing the oil. Furthermore, remember that this oil gives furniture a specific look and is naturally found. The liberty to use this natural material makes it one of the best choices. Even wooden floors, toys, wooden furniture, and musical instruments can be finished up using Tung oil.

Organic Substance

Most oils out there contain toxic and harmful chemicals that can cause skin infections, burns, itching, or other medical conditions when you have exposure for a long time. On the other hand, Tung oil is just an extract from Tung tree seeds that contains natural ingredients. The harvested oil is used as it is and adding chemicals, added preservatives, or related substances is not necessary. It’s even food grade safe which means that you can use it on your dining tables, wooden plates, and other wooden utensils that you might want to use. However, remember that only pure Tung oil does not contain chemicals. Several Tung oil manufacturers do add chemicals which can result in problems if not handled properly. 

Resistant Material

Besides having waterproof abilities, Tung oil can also protect wood against various forms of mild chemicals with ease as the oil penetrates the wood to a few millimeters. These substances include alcohol, acetone, vinegar, and several other mild acids.

Flexible Oil

Flexibility in oil means that it can adapt according to the scenario. You might have noticed that when humidity levels change in the environment, the wood contracts or expand on its own. Most oils can get damaged due to the changes whereas the oil in question can adjust to the changes without affecting its finished-up coating.

Easy Application

It can be applied easily and doesn’t require you to have any experience in carpentry. The oil can seep in with ease and can even be rubbed off if required. It can dry out quickly and give wood grains their perfect matt finish. Wear and tear do result in the coating getting worn off. In these scenarios, another oil coating can be applied on top of the previous one.

Tung oil is a good choice if you want your woodwork to be environmentally friendly and non-toxic. We hope that you find the information on Tung oil useful and help you develop an understanding of this wondrous oil. However, it is always best to research on your own and find out whether the oil would suit your wood or not. So take time and explore options so that you can make the right choice and get the best possible results.

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