How to Make Your Vacation Rental Stand Out -7 Tips That Will Help
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How to Make Your Vacation Rental Stand Out -7 Tips That Will Help

Renting out your vacation rentals St George Utah is a lucrative venture, but expect stiff competition. Conversely, renters expect a memorable experience, so you need to enhance every aspect of their short-term stay. Are you wondering how to make your vacation rental stand out?

Fortunately, there are seven areas you can work on now that will help your vacation rental units make a positive impact right away. These tips will help you see the venture in a different right. Get ready, for the results of your efforts will show real soon!

Understand Your Market Niche

You must understand your market. This understanding will help you tailor the perfect products for guests, depending on their wants and expectations. The result is an increase in bookings.

Think about visitors to your area and why they come, especially during the off-season. If you have cabins in Smoky Mountain, figure out your best tenants and what activities they are likely to take part in. If surfing is popular near your beach rental, capitalize on that.

The target market also depends on the amenities you are offering. Perhaps you have a private driveway, an entertainment system, free fast internet, or others. It makes better financial sense when you target travelers during the on- and off-season.

Offer Above and Beyond Services

Now that you have a target market, it is time to figure out what your guests will want and need. The process involves doing some research and asking questions. Ask travelers what may make their stay easier and more memorable, and add these amenities to your property.

Expectations of guests are rising, and high standards are the norm. Your guests expect a home that is nicer than their own. After all, they are on vacation and living out their dreams. Give them the dream!

The basic expectations of modern guests are comfortable beds and Wi-Fi. Go beyond these expectations by adding small touches such as the best towels for rental property to updating the furniture or even buying new mattress for your rental properties from Sleepify.  Go beyond these expectations by adding small touches such as the best towels for rental property to updating the furniture. Such additions will help differentiate your rental property and bring in more bookings.

Highlight Your Rental’s Best Features

You have a market and have identified what services you can provide and improve on. Now examine your offering carefully. What is making your vacation rental special? The traveler should instantly recognize your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) when they arrive at the vacation home.

A unique way to give a USP to your property is by furnishing it with antiques or vintages. If you are not sure how to start, check out this checklist for furnishing a vacation home. Consider the features your guests might look for and how you can turn them into benefits.

Another USP worth considering is better communication. How about an interruption-free vacation or a unique pricing model? Highlighting all these things and more is a sure way to stand out from the crowd and bring in more customers.

Be the Best Host Ever

Make your vacation rental feel like a home by handling everything. However, you need to prepare. The first thing involves making sure the property is clean and installing new temporary apartment upgrades.

Missing toiletries after a long journey can be a massive disappointment for your guests. Do not let a dirty house spoil your guest’s vacation.

For vacation properties in urban areas, arrange for secure parking. You may also provide temporal garage access using a mobile device.

Post Clear Pictures

All travelers are looking for the prettiest vacation property in your location. While your rental may have the number of bedrooms they want, it might not get bookings if it is not good-looking.

A key factor is posting high-quality pictures that show how great your rental is. The colors and angles are critical factors. So, consider taking professional-looking pictures with a decent camera.

Make sure the photos highlight all the prominent features of your holiday home. Also, consider making a video presentation of the same property available. Both photos and videos are a major advantage because you will answer fewer questions about the property.

Focus on What Guests Want

Evaluate each part of your vacation rental and think about the things you can do to improve a guest’s experience. A washing facility, for example, will make your vacation home stand out, especially when your guests are staying longer than a week. A drying rack will also bring you more benefits.

Also, consider upgrading your kitchen appliances. Make the kitchen space feel high-tech by installing a coffee system, wine-cooler, new countertops, and more. This vacation rental kitchen checklist offers some areas you can improve on to attract more guests.

Make your vacation rental unique by offering streaming or satellite TV services. Some guests may not want a TV, but others want to stay up-to-date with the news, favorite shows, or want to relax in front of an excellent movie. Offer a large variety of books but make sure they are age-appropriate.

Decorate Your Vacation Rental

Can you decorate the home to make it unique? Choosing the right color scheme with care can help make your property look exciting and attractive. However, do not lean towards the 70s retro vibe.

A fresh coat of paint is a simple task that will do wonders and help your vacation rental stand out from the others. If going bold, choose a color scheme that will excite guests.

An important vacation cabin renovation idea to consider is updating the furniture. Use the low season to assess the beds and sofas on your property. Remember that constant wear and tear may take a toll on the furniture.

Upgrading the towels and bedding is a critical amenity that can push stays from one-time to frequent. Bedding quality matters, so choose items such as cozy blankets, linens, and linens. Linen is a mark of luxury, so make sure there is a sign showing the bedding you are using.


As you look for ideas on how to make your vacation rental stand out, always think like a hospitality professional. Staying competitive means you need to stand out from the rest and offer something that will capture the interest and attention of new and frequent guests. Put yourself in the traveler’s shoes and see what would make you choose one vacation home over the other.

As a property owner, you must adopt new strategies to stay competitive. Feel free to check out other articles on our site for ideas!

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