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5 Bedroom Improvement Ideas – Surefire Ways to Make Your Spare Bedroom Cozy and Inviting

5 Bedroom Improvement Ideas – After buying a home, you are left with the massive job of decorating every room within it. While you are likely concerned with the living spaces and personal bedrooms, eventually that will mean tackling the guest bedroom. Many people who bought a home with extra space may make this into a den or home office, but if your new house already has space for those, it’s always a good idea to have something cozy for guests to sleep while visiting from out of town or maybe even just down the road, especially those who tend to entertain. So, now that the process of buying a home is over, here are some improvement ideas that can help you decorate and transform the spare bedroom into the perfect space for visiting friends and family.

1. Offer an Empty Closet or Dresser

As mentioned, after you bought a house it is really easy to use the spare room as a storage space. If you aren’t mindful, the closet of the spare room can quickly become your overflow closet full of items that don’t fit in other locations. However, this is not appealing to your guests at all. If they have to make room for their own belongings amidst your things, it will feel as if their stay is an intrusion on your home. However, an empty closet or dresser conveys that there is a spot in your home just for them and they are welcome to unpack and make themselves at home.

2. Purchase a Vanity or Desk for the Spare Room

Even if you are a gracious, fun, and entertaining host, at some point in their stay your guest is going to need alone time. Help them find a place to unwind, relax, or catch up with some work emails by placing a desk or vanity in the spare room. A spare room that only has a bed in it signifies the room’s sole purpose is for sleeping. While that may be partially true, to your guest the spare room is the only privacy your room has to offer. Extend the comfort and purpose of the room by offering them workspace if necessary.

3. Personalize the Spare Bedroom, but Don’t Overdo It

Almost every TV show or movie that features bed & breakfast includes rooms with too many textures, fabrics, and knick-knacks can be seen as obsessive and maybe even terrifying to some. With this in mind, you want to be careful not to create a similar space in your own home. The guest room is still part of your home, so feel free to incorporate your own decorating style, but your guests don’t need to sleep under your collection of dolls, trophies, or other ornate items. Choose a simple theme that doesn’t remind them constantly that they are invading on your space.

4. Add a Few Extras in The Guest Room

Guests often feel uncomfortable asking for things during their stay, so be considerate and provide common items to them. Gracious hosts might leave extra blankets in the room, towels on top of the dresser, an extra cell phone charger, a few snacks in a basket on the nightstand, even an empty trash can in the corner. Also, keep in mind that they’ll probably have to change into PJ’s before bed, so curtains covering the windows is another good idea, this way they don’t have to invade the bathroom every time they need to change and avoid the awkward hallway walk. Just a few simple gestures can really make your guests feel like they are home and allow the guest to keep a clean room for you.

5. Mount a TV and Some Neutral Wall Décor

Adding a few neutral paintings or pictures on the wall can go a long way. We wouldn’t say load up the room with family or vacation framed pictures, but more of something neutral and inviting. Purchasing a smaller, but decent sized TV, adding a Roku or Firestick and a cheap TV wall mount will surely provide your guest with a comfortable experience if they’re having trouble falling asleep while not in their own personal comfort zone.

If you aren’t careful, a spare bedroom can quickly become a room for all your spare junk, or simply remain a sparse space. In either case, this is hardly appealing for welcoming house guests. We all know the last thing we want is for someone whom we care about to leave your home with a bad taste in their mouth, not wanting to come visit again because of the poor guest living conditions.

So this article is resuming the surefire 5 ways to bedroom improvement ideas!

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