The Best Bedroom To Promote Sleep
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The Best Bedroom To Promote Sleep

Have you ever wondered what is the best bedroom to promote sleep? Something many people worry about is whether they are getting enough sleep. So many people struggle to figure out how to get a good night’s sleep and don’t realize that the design and feel of your bedroom can affect how you sleep. In this article, we will look at some different things you can change or add to your bedroom to help you get the most out of the room to promote good sleep.

There are, of course, other things you can do, such as having a regular sleep time and wake-up time. Using lavender and having a bedtime routine can also help promote sleep. Using natural oils like lavender and drinking a warm drink are also said to help promote a night of good sleep. However, in this article, we will look at your bedroom. What you can change or add to your bedroom to help you sleep better through the night.


Many different studies show that having a dark room can help promote sleep because when you wake up through the night if it is dark, your brain will start to drift back into sleep rather than waking up. 

By having dark furniture, you will help keep your room dark, as your eyes won’t catch sight of a bright white unit and start to wake up. If your furniture is all light in color, you could start by looking at purchasing darker units, such as a wide black chest of draws. Purchasing other wardrobes and units for your room, so everything has a place can also help.

Having a clean and not cluttered room can give your mind the space to drift as you fall asleep and will stop you from worrying about the mess or clutter in your room. Having wide draws and bigger units can help with this as it gives you more storage space to keep things. 

It could also be that you want to purchase a cube storage unit, where you can add your storage boxes or use some space as bookshelves. Again, choosing darker colors will help your brain stay in sleep mode when you wake up through the night.


When we are looking for a good night’s sleep, we often overlook how important our bed is; having a good mattress and comfortable bedding will also help you to sleep better. Whether it’s an old pillow that needs to be replaced or you need to look for some bedding that will be more comfortable. 

Look at different fabrics available in bedding whether you want 100% cotton during the summer or brushed cotton or fleece for through the winter. Your bedding is a fantastic place to start for comfort and keeping your temperature regulated. 

It is also a good idea to invest in some temperature control bedding; you can often get this in pillow form or duvet form. 

It is advised to keep your room at a consistent temperature that is not too hot or cold. The ideal temperature, we are told, is 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit, though this could change from person to person. 

Having some temperature control bedding can help not only during the winter or summer, but also when sharing a bed with your partner. Temperature control bedding can help keep you both at the perfect temperature for sleep, and it is worth investing in. 

Some people will prefer to have a cooler room and warmer bedding to help them sleep, whereas others will have a warm room and very little in the way of bedding. 

Another thing to think about when looking at bedding to help you sleep is how much you need. Do you need to have a duvet, or would a quilted blanket work better for you? Everyone has their preferences; some people find using a weighted blanket will help them sleep. 

Not only is it worth looking at your mattress, but your bedding and pillows can make a massive difference to how well you sleep. Whether you sleep on your side or your front, there is a type of pillow for you, and the right pillow for how you sleep can make a world of difference. 

Not only for how well you sleep but for your body too; some pillows will support you better than others.


As previously mentioned, when it comes to furniture keeping things dark can help keep your brain from waking up. Keeping cool colors in your room can help you as well. Having cool colors and dark colors will stop you from having too many distractions to keep your brain active. 

When discussing colors for your bedroom, it is also worth mentioning how other items, such as pictures and mirrors, in your room can affect your sleep. For your room to be a fantastic place and promote sleep, it is advised not to have mirrors or other distractions around your bedroom. Anything that could engage your brain would be best kept out of your room.


We recommend keeping soft furnishings to a minimum, such as ornaments or other items that may clutter your side tables. Having a dimmer lamp, meaning any lighting you have is soft light is also beneficial. Some people also like to have a sound machine or some kind of sleep sound in their room. 

You can get alarm clocks that play these sounds or apps on your phone; having this on your bedside table can help. It is also worth looking at items with a blue light reducer or no blue light in your room. Not having devices by your bed can also help you sleep, so consider this when you are looking at how you are structuring your room. 

Keep devices away from your bedside table by placing your charging station on a different unit. You can use your wide black chest of draws, away from your bed or bedside table for this purpose. 


It can seem odd that things like how your room is laid out or furnished can affect your sleep. However, you will be surprised at how easily you can help yourself sleep by changing just a few things. Remember, dark, dim, and cool.

Photo by Devon Janse van Rensburg on Unsplash

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