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15 Epic DIY Wall Painting Ideas to Refresh Your Decor

We can add or remove furniture easily but changing your home’s paint may be a little tricky. Choosing the right color and design can be a struggle and the cost of having your walls repainted professionally can be pretty high and the right contractor is quite difficult to find. See more contractors suitable for you here. Taj Residencia Rawalpind is your next approved luxury living accommodation with creative interior design ideas.

Further on we will present you with some DIY wall painting ideas from reputed residential painting services that can help you decide.. You must use professional tools for professional looking results such as the best spray gun for painting walls.

If simple spray painting does not meet your needs, or if painting is more difficult for you to achieve, you can choose custom stickers to decorate your walls according to the style of each room. You can easily get a similar effect to the painting wall, or even more efficient.

wall stickers
Photo by Darya Tryfanava on Unsplash

1. Different colors on different shapes can still mix

A fresh and modern diy wall painting that will fit perfectly in your favorite room. Lines and different types of color tones will be enough to create this cool wall design.

tone color lines diy wall painting


2. Sponge up your wall for a change

Using an old sponge to paint your walls could be the most stunning idea for a great wall design. Not really into shapes? Then why not use an unconventional way of painting? A simple sponge can do the trick.

diy wall painting with sponge


3. Diy brick design from a rectangle sponge

You are a fan of brick pattern? Try this cool idea with by using a simple sponge to create a wall design.

brick pattern wall design


4. Be closer to nature with this wall painting

If your activities are not giving you time to go back to nature, then take it home with you. This wall painting idea does just that. Check these adult coloring pages to get in touch with nature even more

tree on wall design


5. Feathery delight painted on walls are perfect

Lack of ideas? Take a look at this diy wall painting feathery idea for a boring wall in your favorite room.

feathers wall design


6. Mountainside in ombre is stunning

Whether it is for your kids’ room or your own, this design will surely be one worth laboring for.

mountainside wall painting


7. Plain ombre wall is still stunning

A step by step guide for a gradient wall painting that will add a lot of personality to your home.



8. Ombre and shapes work perfectly together

As simple as diamonds with ombre colors, you can change the look of your home. It’s modern, chic and easy to do.

ombre and shapes wall painting


9. Honeycomb shape design makes a room look modern

Natural shapes such as honeycomb will be a great idea for a diy wall painting and you can use a gradient pattern or different color tones.



10. Get obsessive with geometric wall design

This accent wall is perfect for people that need geometric stability in design. A very easy way for this diy wall painting where you have to use only paint and painter tape to create geometric shapes.

geometric wall design


11. Easy wall painting ideas – Go crazy and realize this Ombre accent wall

The uneven ombre wall design is perfect for your tea area.



12.  Just let it drip, easy wall painting ideas

Ran out of ideas? Not really good with a brush? You can still make your wall look better by just letting the paints drip.



13. Simple circles create perfect wall painting design

A wall design with circles would be very interesting for your kids room.

circles wall painting


14. Experience your favorite place on earth

This may take a while to finish, but if you do have the talent then go for it! Nothing beats seeing the most relaxing place on earth for you.

underwater wall painting


15. Denim wall painting design is perfect for modern homes

If you’ve tried the sponge or paint and it simply doesn’t work, then this alternative might be a fresh idea you can work with. If you have a teenager, they’ll surely love this look.

denim wall painting


What do you think about these super epic DIY Wall Painting Ideas? We would love to hear your opinion on the subject !


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