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Boredom Will Never Bother You With These 15 Fun Things to Draw

Boredom can easily strike anyone at any time of the day. No matter how interesting things can be, it can still become boring if done over and over again. And all people need to loosen up and have time to exercise their creative side and one of the easiest way to do it is to draw!

Any individual can draw and sketch, talent and skill is not required to practice, to doodle around on a blank piece of paper. Take time and relax with any line, any strike. Here are some fun things to draw that you can practice on during your free time or when you are in the brink of boredom.

1. Corgi love is never wrong, and this is how you draw one



Who doesn’t love a corgi? Or any pet for that matter? This little sketch shows just how adorable pets can be even in drawings.

2. using your imagination and the everyday items at home can be a fun way to draw



3. scribbling and circles and a lot of doodling create a beautiful work of art



4. remind yourself of why life is worth living



And you can even give this fun drawing to your loved ones! You can put your favorite positive words and doodle on your favorite design.

5. lines will never be boring when you create this wonderful drawing yourself



6. this mandala drawing is perfect for keeping your imagination running and your mind relaxed



Mandalas are known to be colorful work of arts, and this is bright example of it. You can work on simple designs first then more to more complicated designs as you progress! Just look at those colors!

7. mandala and nature do look fabulous together



8. popsicle art, because drawing on paper and canvas is just too plain



9. let this colorful feather reflect how you take life lightly and with a bright perspective



10. the night sky is simply majestic and this simple drawing proves it



If you have ever felt so relaxed under a starry night, then you know how relaxing it is to draw it, too. Simple lines and colors can make a beautiful and fun drawing that even your kids can enjoy making.

11. another fun way of spending drawing time with your kids



This fun way to draw allow you and your kids have fun time while creating a memory of how small and fragile their own hands are. This art is definitely worth keeping.

12. scribbling flowers can go a long way and can create a beautiful pattern you can color for later



13. draw on some flat stones and you have these amazing rock designs



This stone art can be used for several things. You can put it on your desk as paperweight or on your mini garden set. You may even design some for your friends!

14. have pens? then why not try this design and have a great time designing your own



15. the most fun way to draw your loved ones and friends- draw them in chibi anime style



Have a knack for anime or cartoons? Have time or are you bored enough to have time to draw something fun? Then making these chibi/anime version of yourself or your loved ones will surely be a fun change from the usual drawing you do.

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