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What Role Does Poetry Play in Education

Against all arguments, poetry is one of the most creative types of literature that is overlooked by most students because they think it’s a difficult art. If taken seriously, poetry can help students enhance creativity, language skills, self-awareness, and their life view. 

Modern poets have written creatively targeting issues about resistance against racism, injustice, prejudices, and awareness towards self-expression and creativity. Teachers can use poetry to teach skills in writing, reading, and understanding texts. Poetry plays different roles in education.

Poetry promotes language learning in schools

Most of the time, poetry goes beyond the rules of language. It uses symbolic language, metaphors, sarcasm, and sometimes critiquing phrases. Its words are crafted to portray multiple messages in one sentence or a few phrases. As students learn to freely express themselves in poetic language, they easily learn to use language creatively, which builds their knowledge for vocabulary, sentences structures, and flow. It is a great way to promote language learning skills in schools. 

There are a lot of poems that have creatively been written by various poets throughout several millenniums. They are informative pieces of texts that remain green no matter how far time progresses. You can build your creativity by practicing writing poems a step at a time until you become a seasoned writer. Another method is to make a habit of reading poems written by other authors. For example, you can read and be inspired by poetry essay examples on Samplius to keep you motivated when writing your essay. It will help improve your reading and writing skills in many ways and give you a better understanding of the subject. 

Poetry promotes student reading and writing skills

Before a teacher assigns students homework to create poems, they first teach reading poems or what poems are. Students reading skills improve as they continually read different texts from various subjects such as poetry. 

Eventually, they become fond of reading which can help improve performance. The teacher also gives them homework to create poems which helps enhance their writing skills. This helps them become better writers in other academic writing assignments. 

Poetry promotes creativity in students 

Each line in a poem is a unique expression of the writer as they communicate coded or direct-to-the-point messages. The writer expresses their feelings and expounds their thoughts through texts. Before a student knows it, their creativity level improves and they begin creating attractive poems that can be published on various platforms around the world.

Poetry builds critical analysis skills in students

Poem writing uses various techniques to create texts that are informative, attractive, and detailed. Writers use meter, metaphors, rhyme, and imagery to pass their message to readers. When writing poems, a student must learn how to combine these skills to create a complete piece of poem. They think deeper, compare words, criticize their work in a bid to make it look attractive. This is how their analysis and critical thinking skills develop. 

Poetry enhances social cohesion among students

Many times, when teaching poems, teachers group students in smaller groups and give them a poem topic to brainstorm and write. Since poems require craftiness in creating phrases and sentences, it requires lengthy and deeper discussions for the students to create the best piece. 

Their discussions give them ideas for writing but they also benefit from social integrations. Students who didn’t have the confidence to share before people get confidence. In the future, they might become skilled in public speaking or presentations. 

Students become self-aware of themselves

Poems are expressions of anger, joy, appreciation, enthusiasm, and any other mood or feeling the writer might have. They put their deepest thoughts on pen and paper, revealing what they hate, love, or what they are passionate about and their interests. They are the best way for students to create self-awareness and learn who they are. 

Students view life and the world different

Students who build a passion for poetry get a wider view of the world, societies, and individuals. They can look at what is happening around them and build inspiration for another attractive piece of poem. As they do that, they understand certain issues better than many students. 


Poetry is a highly creative type of literature that is overlooked by most students. They believe that poetry is a tough subject but it benefits them in many ways. Students learn writing skills to help them create excellent pieces of literature. They become skilled in reading, writing, and creativity. Poems require the use of rhyme, metaphors, and rhetoric which helps enhance critical and analytical thinking in students. Due to its important role in students, it should be taught in schools. 

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