10 Amazing Hacks for Using Self Storage & Storage Solutions in Melbourne
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10 Amazing Hacks for Using Self-Storage & Storage Solutions in Melbourne

Self-storage can be an excellent way to save money on extra living space, and it can be used to store everything from old furniture to seasonal clothing to everyday knick-knacks and curiosities. However, if you’re new to the concept of self-storage, you may not know how to get the most out of your rental unit or what exactly you should be stored there in the first place. Here are 10 hacks for making the most of self storage & storage solutions Melbourne!

What is self-storage?

When you use self-storage, it helps to get rid of clutter by storing personal belongings. Whether you have an office that needs clearing out or need a way to store furniture and other household items while you’re moving house, self-storage is an excellent option. If you plan on using self-storage more than once, be sure to find a place that has flexible lease agreements. This will give you more options when it comes time to store another load of possessions.

When it comes to finding a place to put away your things, you can go above and beyond with self-storage solutions in Melbourne. The first and most important step to storing is finding a reputable company. The City of Melbourne provides great information about their storage solutions and local storage companies that specialize in just that—storage! Be sure to read up to learn more other useful facts.

1) Improve Organization

It’s really hard to be an organized person when all your stuff is cluttering up your home. One easy way to keep things from getting too out of hand is by storing some of them away in a self-storage unit. If you don’t have much stuff, but you have a ton of clutter, then renting a smaller space might do wonders.

2) Keep Kids Busy with DIY Activities

When you’re renting self-storage to take care of some business, it’s easy to forget that you have two other busy minds to keep entertained. If your kids are bored out of their minds and ready to break into a chorus are we there yet? try doing DIY projects together. It doesn’t matter if they don’t turn out; at least they can fill up an afternoon with fun, kid-friendly activities!

3) Stash Away Excess houseware

Whether you’re moving, decluttering, or simply need some extra space, self-storage can help. One of the best ways to utilize a storage unit is to store household items you don’t use very often. Create an organized and designated spot for these extra things—you might be surprised by how many long-forgotten items are gathering dust in your home!

4) Use it as an Outdoor Closet

If you want to avoid wearing your nice things out of fear that they’ll get damaged, it might be time to get a storage unit. It can be used as an outdoor closet so you can store all of your workout clothes and sports equipment without having to worry about them getting dirty or rained on.

5) Use it to Prep Holiday Decorations

If you’re moving and plan to transport a Christmas tree or other holiday decorations, it can be helpful to rent a unit at a self-storage facility and use a Christmas treekeeper for your tree. This allows you to do some last-minute decorating on your own schedule. You can keep all of your items safe until you’re ready to unpack them at your new home, minimizing stress on move day.

6) Store Seasonal Clothing

In order to keep your storage space at a reasonable level, fold up seasonal clothing and use large bins to store them. When it’s time to bring out summer clothes or winter clothes, you can unpack just what you need. This helps you eliminate unnecessary clutter from your home and keeps your storage space tidy.

7) Reuse boxes multiple times

Don’t waste money buying new boxes every time you move. Reuse old boxes by simply adding a label with your new address on it. The same thing goes for tape and bubble wrap—don’t buy new packaging materials if you have some leftovers from your last move. Not only does it save you time and money, but using reused containers also helps reduce waste!

8) Rent a climate-controlled storage unit

In any self-storage facility, you’ll find a mix of units designed to store different types of materials. At any self-storage facility in Australia, you’ll find both heated and non-heated units (which are typically less expensive). To reduce humidity, get a climate-controlled unit.

9) Diversify your spaces

If you’re using self-storage as part of your moving process, it might be a good idea to use multiple facilities to store your stuff. Use one facility while you search for an apartment and another while you wait out your lease (and maybe another after that). This way, if one site gets full, you still have options.

10) Store family heirlooms

If you have sentimental items that don’t fit into your house, it can be hard to say goodbye. Whether they were family heirlooms or your favorite teddy bear, storing these items at a self-storage facility is a great way to keep them nearby without crowding up your home. Think of it as an extra room for you to use however you’d like, and when you find space in your home or apartment, feel free to reclaim them!


Whether you’re looking to find an easy and low-cost way to clear out some clutter, reduce moving costs, or just save up some space, self storage & storage solutions Melbourne may be your answer. There are plenty of ways that you can get creative with your stored items. It’s always a good idea to seek professional advice about creating a storage plan for your unique needs—but it doesn’t hurt to get ideas from experts who are already taking advantage of self-storage and other solutions. Take what works best for you and apply it in your own space! You might be surprised at how much more you can fit into your home without having to worry about organizing another complicated move.

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