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5 Spring Cleaning Tips Every Homeowner Needs to Try

You should follow some tips to spring clean your house. Spring cleaning is an important activity for everyone especially during adverse times of the COVID 19 pandemic. Give your family a clean and healthy environment that is free from germs and allergies. You can follow some spring cleaning tips to carry out a thorough process drive at your house. These tips include making a schedule, de-clutter your house, and think green while spring cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, deep clean bathrooms, and kitchens.

Make a Spring Cleaning Schedule

It is better to make a proper schedule and list down different activities and areas for spring cleaning. You should call house cleaning services in bothell in a systematic manner which is step by step and cleans your house in a timely and orderly fashion. Cover every room and area perfectly under the spring cleaning checklist.

De-Clutter Your House

You should organize your office in such a way that you can make your workspace and home neat and clean. During pandemics, there is a high chance that you will work from home, hence organizing home and office space neatly so that you feel like spending more time at home or your work desk at home.

You should focus on organizing your closets and donate clothes that are in good condition but you do not wear anymore. De-cluttering is a good practice and helps to spring clean your house and provide you a pure mind and a clear soul.

Think Green While Spring Cleaning

Think Green While Spring Cleaning
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Always use the best products to spring clean which are environment friendly and free from toxins. Such products help you to clean your house and appliances in the best possible way by keeping the environment healthy, green, and safe. It is better to use natural products such as vinegar, baking soda, and water to clean things in your house. These are natural cleaning agents that you can use for spring cleaning. It is better to adopt environment-friendly cleaning agents to spring clean your house.

Dryer Vent Cleaning is Important

It is important to clear the clogged vents of the dryer. This should be an annual practice adopted while you spring clean your house. The dryer vent needs cleaning so that a clothes dryer works efficiently without causing any health issues to anyone. Cleaning dryer vents also helps to improvise the overall surrounding in your house by keeping it dirt-free and free from germs. This is an important routine activity during spring cleaning your house.

Jason Simpson from Vent Gator Dryer Vent Cleaning in Redlands, CA explains, “most homeowners have no idea that their dryer venting needs to be cleaned. Some of the homes we get called out to have complete blockages that end ruining their dryer.”

Deep Clean Bathrooms and Kitchens

These are 2 areas in the house that can spread maximum infection within your family if they are not always cleaned properly. Deep cleaning bathrooms and kitchens is a routine activity that completes your spring cleaning checklist. You can easily wipe your cabinets and junk the old items in your refrigerator or kitchen shelves which are perishable or not useful to you anymore. You should use gentle cleaners or steam cleaner to clean cabinets and tiles in the bathroom or the kitchen. No scratches occur by using this method.


Spring cleaning is an important activity to clean your house in the best way. The advantage of using spring cleaning is that it creates a pure environment in the house. It also creates more space by de-cluttering the house. The activity of using environment-friendly products keeps you safe and healthy. Further, spring cleaning allows you to build a healthy and safe home for your loved ones. Deep clean your bathrooms and kitchens to keep them germ-free. Planning a work schedule for spring cleaning helps you identify the basic areas which require cleaning by adopting the spring cleaning method. Use the spring cleaning method to create a beautiful home that is germ and infection-free.

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