What Causes A Loose Tooth & How To Strengthen It
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What Causes A Loose Tooth & How To Strengthen It

A loose tooth is never a good sign. As soon as you realize you have one you should take steps to deal with the issue. Acting quickly can prevent it from getting worse, potentially saving a tooth from falling out.

The good news is there are things you can do to resolve a loose tooth that doesn’t involve it being extracted. But, it is rare to get better by itself, the sooner you book an appointment with a reputable dentist, such as this dentist Petrie, the better for your tooth.

The Cause Of A Loose Tooth

what causes a loose tooth

Baby teeth become loose because the adult tooth is pushing up behind them, forcing them out. This doesn’t happen with adult teeth. There are actually several reasons why your adult tooth may have become loose, your dentist will be able to identify the cause and help you rectify the issue.

Gum Disease

Bacteria and food debris can build up along your gum line. Over time they will attack your gums, causing them to recede. This can also be caused by brushing too hard. The more the gum line recedes the greater the amount of exposed root, this leads to tooth weakness which can cause it to become loose.

The bacteria can actually attack the root of the tooth as well, weakening its grip.


A cavity develops when the bacteria in your mouth reacts with sugar to create acid. This gradually eats away the hard enamel on your tooth ad allows the bacteria inside. It then attacks the softer dentin and, if left untreated, will move into the root of your tooth. This s when you’re likely to develop an abscess which is a space around your tooth.

The tooth will be damaged and is likely to become loose. Only by sorting the abscess and cavity can the tooth be strengthened again.


It’s not surprising that a blow to your head can loosen one or more teeth. This can happen in contact sports or thanks to a traffic accident or any number of other things. In this instance, the blow has simply dislodged the tooth and the dentist can reseat it for you.

Strengthening The Tooth

There is little you can do at home to strengthen a loose tooth. However, your dentist can help you. They will need to identify and the underlying problem, especially if this is an abscess.

The simplest method of strengthening the tooth is to wire it to the teeth either side. This is usually done as a temporary solution while the underlying issue is resolved, giving the gums time to heal.

Splinting is also usually enough to allow the tooth roots to become stronger, resolving the loose issue.

Your dentist may also get you to wear a nightguard to help the healing process.

There are times when a loose tooth cannot be strengthened or saved, that’s why it’s important to get to your dentist as soon as you discover the issue. For a more personalized diagnosis of your teeth, you can seek oral solutions in Modesto for peace of mind.

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