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Tips for Good Oral Hygiene and How To Maintain a Healthy Smile

Tips for Good Oral Hygiene – What’s the first thing you notice about a person? The person’s face. And what features on the face draws you in? That’s right…the teeth. One of the first things you notice about someone is how pretty (or not so charming) their smile is. Chances are, if you think you’ve got a cute smile, you’d tend to smile more. If you think your smile isn’t so nice, you might not be motivated to smile as much. This shows how important good oral hygiene is, and why you must maintain a healthy smile. Here are 5 tips for good oral hygiene to help you achieve it:

Tips for Good Oral Hygiene

1. Have Regular Dentist Visits

If you want to have good oral hygiene and a shot at keeping that healthy, full smile of yours, realize the need for regular dentist visits very fast. Routine oral exams scheduled for twice a month are scarcely enough to get you the teeth of your dreams; as a good dental hygienist would have to routinely clean your teeth and gums; helping you remove all plaques and fully polish your teeth.

The thing is, after only about three months, you are due for another cleansing of your mouth, thus necessitating a visit to the dentist three-monthly.

The thing is, if you are scared of seeing a dentist St.George because of pain, maybe you are seeing the wrong dentist! Because the dentalist will help you manage your pain using the right kind of medications and anesthesia, you needn’t be scared about long-term pain.

2. Daily Brushing and Flossing: An Essential Practice

According to the American Dental Association, you should brush your teeth two times a day with a teeth whitening toothpaste such as twice toothpaste, on a soft brush. Flossing in between your teeth also helps protect them against plaque.

3. Choosing a Healthy Lifestyle e.g. food

For that satisfying smile, you might need to let go of the sweet tooth, which might lead to the development of tooth decay and cavities. As much as you can, please emphasize the intake of healthy fruits and vegetables so as to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy and without cavities or plaques. As a rule, when you have consumed stuff rich in sugar content, it would be wise to brush immediately afterward.

4. Have a Mouthwash by Your Side

There are many health benefits of using a mouthwash. Besides the fact that a mouthwash makes your breath smell super fresh, it also kills bacteria and helps in protecting your teeth and gums. 

The American Dental Association classifies mouthwashes as either cosmetic or therapeutic. While cosmetic mouthwashes don’t offer much in terms of medical benefits, you should gun for a therapeutic mouthwash which has several active ingredients such as chlorhexidine, cetylpyridinium chloride, fluoride and peroxide; that help deal with conditions like plaque, gingivitis, tooth decay and most socially relevant of them; the problem of mouth odour.

Mouthwashes even help postoperatively, to handle the complication of dry socket (alveolar osteitis) that often follows dental extraction. Using a good mouthwash also increases your level of confidence, as it helps you boast of whiter teeth (if it contains carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide). But of course, if you are looking for quicker whitening results, you can consider teeth whitening oakbrook terrace dental services.

To get the best results, use mouthwash to rinse your mouth at least once every day, for about a minute.  

5. Quit Smoking

If your aim is to create a super ripe environment for bacteria and plaque to form and grow on your teeth and gums, then you can go right ahead to continue smoking! There is scientific evidence to show that smoking not only leads to stained teeth, but it also results in gum disease, loss of teeth, and even mouth cancer.

If you’re tired of the incessant attack on your teeth and gums, are ready to deal with the nicotine and tar stains on your teeth, and make that healthy smile a signature look of yours, time’s up for the cigar in your hand. 

Wrapping It Up

Your oral health should be a top priority, and as most dental issues don’t cause pain initially, it would be wise to have regular dental check-up appointments, brush/floss regularly, and live a lifestyle devoid of sugary stuff and smoking. These would certainly place us on the right path to great dental health.

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