The Ultimate Guide To Treating Shoulder Pain
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The Ultimate Guide To Treating Shoulder Pain

People who suffer trauma on their shoulders or are physically active, tend to experience pain in their shoulder joints. The joint between the shoulder and the arm enables you to perform daily tasks easily. Simple tasks may include throwing a ball, scratching your back, or picking up something from the floor. Shoulder pain can seriously affect daily life activities as it can limit the ability to perform simple tasks.

Whether a person meets with an accident or there is trauma that hits the shoulder joint, all these factors may contribute to extreme pain which may be difficult to endure.


Some common symptoms which a person with shoulder joint pain may experience include:

Inflammation in joints

Sudden reflex or over-exertion of the shoulder joint may result in inflammation. There are small fluid sacs in the joint which are called bursae. When they get swelled up, they cause extreme pain while moving the shoulder. Another extreme form of shoulder pain occurs when you sprain your shoulder or one of the tendons ruptures. This pain can be difficult to bear. Immediate medical attention is advised to treat this kind of pain.


When a person experiences a sports-related injury or meets with an accident, the shoulder joint may be dislocated based on the level of impact. Most people go for a St.George chiropractor or a physiotherapist to repair the damage but still, there is no confirmation of the treatment being lifelong. You must consult a physician to treat the dislocation of the joint.


A fracture is a worst-case scenario that involves a broken bone due to a strong impact or a trauma. It can happen due to a severe accident or a sudden fall. It can be healed over time but the extreme pain can cause a lot of discomforts. Commonly, doctors perform surgery to repair the broken bone and then cover it up with plaster of Paris afterward to keep the bones in place.


This condition is common in people of old age. When the cartilage between the joints wears off, the bone grinds against itself which causes difficulty in performing simple tasks. Some people resort to stop using the affected shoulder which adds up to mobility issues in the future.


A general physician may monitor the situation by looking at the shoulder. He may run a few X-rays and tests to properly diagnose the pain. Pain killers can be prescribed by the physician to reduce the pain. You can purchase pain killers from Pricepro pharmacy which is a Canadian pharmacy selling medicines at discounted prices. You can get your order from online pharmacy by logging onto their website.

Another option is physiotherapy and exercise which can reduce inflammation and improve joint movement over time. Nothing can happen overnight. The exercise and physiotherapy need to be done till the pain goes away and you can freely move your shoulder without any pain. In the worst-case scenario, a broken bone can be replaced by performing surgery.

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