The Ultimate Travel Guide To Care For A Heart Patient
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The Ultimate Travel Guide To Care For A Heart Patient

Heart patients usually need more attention and care than any other normal person. Even though, traveling with a heart patient may not prevent them from traveling. It is just that heart patients must be in the proper care of an experienced person who takes care of medications and dosage and may provide medical assistance if necessary. It is highly recommended that medical advice be sought before traveling. Travel plans must be discussed with the patient’s cardiologist. Patients especially with an irregular heartbeat must take extra precautions and carry extra doses of medications with them. Let’s see how to care for a heart patient during travel.

Serious heart concerns leading to emergencies

There are some serious heart conditions that may lead to medical emergencies during travel.

Coronary artery disease

When plaque is build up inside the arteries which supply oxygen-rich blood to the body then there may be a reduced supply of blood to the heart. When the heart gets less supply of blood, it may result in a stroke or in worse cases, the death of the patient. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to stay close to any amenities or hospitals while traveling.

Cardiac arrhythmia

Also known as atrial fibrillation, in this condition a person may have prolonged episodes of irregular and abnormal heartbeat. This results in breathlessness and dizziness. Therefore, oxygen cylinders must be in close vicinity of the patient while traveling or a caretaker may carry one for the patient.

Heart attack

A heart attack occurs when the heart is unable to get enough supply of blood or it becomes stiff due to less physical activity. The supply of blood is usually blocked due to a blood clot which is why a dose of Xarelto must be kept to prevent any medical emergencies. You can get Xarelto patient assistance price from the website of 90daymeds which specializes in selling medicines at discounted prices.

Pre-travel preparations

It is highly recommended to make preparations beforehand to avoid any medical emergencies.

Travel insurance

Heart patients must inform their insurance agency about their heart conditions and their plans for traveling. They must make sure that all their medical assistance is covered by the insurance agency.

Heart evaluation

Heart patients must do a proper check-up of their heart condition before traveling. They must ask their doctor to carry any special medicines in case of emergency. If the doctor gives them a thumbs up that they are fit to travel then they can go ahead with their travel plans.

Preparations during travel

Travel with heart devices

If a person had a pacemaker installed in the heart then it is advised not to travel for at least two weeks post-surgery. A physician letter and device card must be carried by the patient for any screening at the airport in case of traveling.

Eating guide

You must know what to eat and what to avoid eating during travel. Healthy food options are available throughout the world.


A double dose of every medicine must be carried by the patient with prescription containers. Medications must be taken at the destination time to avoid any confusion. Prescriptions are highly important as you can get the medicines from any pharmacy around the world if your medicines get lost.

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