The 6 Most Commonly Faced Issues in HVAC Systems - Home Air Quality
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The 6 Most Commonly Faced Issues in HVAC Systems – Home Air Quality

All houses require a really good HVAC system and they have more than one important function too. Not only are they responsible to regulate the temperature of the house but also have to take care of the air quality inside the house. There are many components of an HVAC system.

However, whenever there goes something wrong with the HVAC system of your house, it is very easy to assume that there may be something wrong with the entire setup. Sometimes, the problem could just lie within the thermostat. Following are some of the most commonly faced problems with HVAC units.

1 – Malfunctioning Thermostat

Many times, the thermostat that comes along with the HVAC system comes with some issues of its own. It is a vital constituent of the entire build-up. There can be several reasons for it. For example, it could be due to technical snags or maintenance errors that it malfunctions. Since it helps to regulate the temperature of your indoor area depending upon how hot or cold you want it to be, maintaining it is indispensable.

Also, setting the thermostat at the desired timings helps you to cool or heat the space according to your wish. But it has been seen that sometimes a few Smart thermostats can short out old furnaces and it can cause great discomfort. The intermittent fluctuations in temperature can become unbearable for some and surely calls for an immediate solution.

2 – Maintenance issues

Most of the time the HVAC problems arise due to missed maintenance appointments. It involves a lot of many little technical processes that are always running to help the system run smoothly.

But if all the parts are not repaired and taken care of in a routine manner, then, in that case, the wear and tear may happen early. And as a consequence, it is going to hamper the performance of the HVAC system in a very little while.

In the longer term, it begins to fail. When little problems happening for a long time are not properly identified and treated, they become much bigger and harder to deal with later.

3 – Clogged and Dirty Filters

The filters in an HVAC system are super important. They filter the impure air and purify it and help to circulate clean air inside the house. But they are required to be cleaned from time to time to maintain the air quality. Worn out and dirty filters may make your HVAC system work harder to achieve maximum efficiency. An additional pressure like that not only brings down the longevity but also reduces the effectiveness with time.

4 – A Leak in the Refrigerant

In layman’s terms, the refrigerant is a liquid agent that makes the function of air conditioning possible in an HVAC. It is kept contained within the coils of the setup. The primary function of the refrigerants is to cool and dehumidify the indoor air. It is one of the most common faults that is seen when there is not enough cooling happening.

5 – Inappropriate Air Balance

Whether it is heated or cooled air, it comes out of the vents. It then travels through various ducts inside the house for distribution in each room. The dampers present help by controlling the reduced airflow in one line. It allows more conditioned air flow without having to face any kind of obstruction. If the dampers are left in a state of disbalance, then the proper cooling or heating as per the setting may not take place.

6 – The Gist

HVAC systems are very widely found in homes and commercial establishments. It is very important that they continue to perform at their optimal best to provide heat or cool air quality. If the above mentioned most commonly seen problems are tackled in due time, then it prevents major repairs at a much later stage.

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