Easy Roof Repairs
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Easy Roof Repairs That You Can Absolutely DIY

Many issues can go on with the roof on your house, and even though some of these issues seem to be big problems it is not always necessary to call a professional roofer. Luckily, doing it yourself is not as hard as it seems if you know what you are doing. Here is a list of quick and easy roof repairs that you can do yourself in no time.

Minor Leaks

If you have a leak in your roof that is not too big, then chances are it will be easier to fix than you think. To find out where the leak is coming from, simply go inside and turn on any of the lights in the room below where the suspected leak is. Then get up onto your roof (using an extension ladder) and look for where the light is shining up through the roof. If you find a spot, use some kind of sealant to fill the hole and let it dry. You can also use some shingles to patch it up using either nails or adhesive. However, if you find out that the damage is bigger than you can handle, calling Roofserve roofing experts to take a look at it is the safest bet. They will also inspect the whole roof to make sure no more damages have been made by the leak.

Repair Cracks

If there are cracks in your wood or plywood shingles due to weather damage or aging, then all you need to do is take some roofing cement and fill the cracks. Make sure to dry it out by covering the area with clear plastic for a few days before you put it back on the roof. Then, get some sealant and you can clean up the edges to make it look nice. If there are some loose shingles, just put some roofing adhesive underneath them and press down hard. Just be careful not to rip or puncture the shingles while doing this.

Re-Felt a Flat Roof

If you have a flat roof that is leaking, then chances are your felt paper might be damaged or loose at this point. To fix this issue, simply put on some gloves and safety goggles to protect yourself from any nasty chemicals you might come across. Next, go to the hardware store and get a new roll of felt paper and lay it out as soon as you can, making sure it overlaps with the old material that is still on the roof. Then cut small holes in the corners of each sheet to tie them down properly with screws after putting heavyweights down for an hour or two. Finally, cover each piece of felt paper with cement to make sure it adheres properly.

Clean Gutters Properly

The easiest way to clean your gutters is to take them down, but if you never learned how then you can always do it yourself. All that you need to do is unscrew the screws at the bottom along the roofline and pull out the gutter like a slide while holding on tightly to keep things steady while you’re doing this. Then use some garden hose (or any other kind of water supply) and spray away dirt from both sides of the metal gutter so that no more leaves or moss build up inside there. After cleaning thoroughly, you can put everything back together again by following these steps in reverse order.

Taking down your gutter and cleaning them will be a messy job, but someone’s got to do it. Your hands are your most important tool, so keeping them safe and clean is a priority. Put on nitrile gloves while you do this since it’s the ideal choice of gloves for handling potentially hazardous materials like metal and rust. It also has exceptional puncture resistance, so you won’t have to worry about getting injured. Once you’re done, your hands will be as clean as the gutter that you just reattached to your roofline.

Easy Roof Repairs

As you can see, many repairs are easy to do yourself if you have the right tools available. Whether it be fixing a leak, cleaning out your gutters, or re-doing your felt paper on a flat roof, learning how to do these simple repairs can save you money in the long run while providing you with personal satisfaction at the same time. However, If any parts of your house are giving you trouble, don’t hesitate to pay a pro for the job.

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