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Top Tips To Help You Prepare For Winter Pests and Rodents

As the winter approaches the temperature starts to drop. You will know that it’s getting colder when you turn on the heating and turn up the thermostat. After all, there is nothing nicer than stepping out of the cold and into a warm and welcoming house.

Unfortunately, you are not the only one that thinks so. There are plenty of pests, including rodents, that have happily lived outside for the summer but are also feeling the chill. They are looking for somewhere warmer and your house fits the bill.

You can’t lower the temperature because you want to be warm. Instead, you need to prepare for these winter pests and rodents.

Get An Inspection

The first step must be to get hold of a specialist in pest control near me and get them to take a look at your home. The inspection should be thorough and they will be able to advise you if you have an existing pest issue, have had one, or are likely to get one.

They will eradicate any issue for you and help you to prevent your home from being attacked by pests again. You can click for more info about your local specialist.

Look For Gaps for Winter Pests

Pests need to get into your home and the easiest way to do this is for them to find a small hole in your walls and wriggle their way through. If you walk slowly around your walls, inside and out, you’ll notice there are several small holes and cracks that can let pests in. Seal them immediately to prevent them from allowing any other pests in.

Make sure you pay close attention to windows and doors, these are some of the most common places for cracks.

You should also look upward. Rodents are very good climbers and can climb rough vertical walls. They can also leap across from nearby or overhanging trees. That’s why you need to check the top of your walls and even the roof area, to make sure they don’t have a way in.

Eliminate Food & Water

You may leave a bowl of water down for your pets. This can be inviting to pests but is not a major issue as most pests don’t want to risk going to a pet water bowl.

However, you should look around to check there are no other sources of water, such as a leak or even an overflowing gutter. These attract pests as pests need water to survive.

Alongside this, spare a moment to check your food storage. All open packets should be stored in sealed containers. All surfaces should be wiped down regularly, and everywhere should be vacuumed to eliminate food attraction to pests.

If your home isn’t very desirable they will head-on and try a different venue.

Tidy your Yard

Don’t forget that winter pests need cover to be able to get to your home and the cover also provides food and warmth for them, as well as secrecy allowing them to move around. A cluttered yard is perfect for most pests. Tidy it up and you are less likely to suffer an issue with them.

Photo by Mikhail Vasilyev on Unsplash

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