Strange AC Noises and What They Could Mean
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Strange AC Noises and What They Could Mean

Most of the sounds that your air conditioner makes should be unobtrusive. So, if you happen to hear a sudden loud clunk or bang, it may indicate something is amiss with your system and should be examined by a qualified technician immediately. If you don’t find the solution to your problem in today’s article you can contact your local HVAC specialist. Your local HVAC company can help you identify the source of the AC noises and help deal with it once and for all!


As soon as an air conditioner makes a rattling noise, this should be taken as an indicator that something needs to be tightened or secured – whether that means just tightening a loose screw that has become dislodged from its position inside or it could mean something far more serious mechanically.

A loud humming or buzzing noise coming from your AC unit should also be treated immediately, as these can indicate issues with its electrical wiring, making DIY repair efforts dangerous due to potential electric shock risk.

Your AC unit’s dripping sound could be due to a refrigerant leak and must be addressed as quickly as possible by a trained professional to prevent costly damage and eventual breakdown of your system. Ensure power gets cut before inspecting for signs of leaking refrigerant or potential blockages.


If your air conditioner makes banging noises while running, this could indicate loose components such as piston pins, connecting rods or crankshafts within its unit. It could also indicate that there may be dead leaves or debris present inside its outdoor or indoor units. Turn off the power first to protect against electric shock risks and ensure safe operation!

Some AC noises may be expected; others indicate it’s time to contact an HVAC specialist. 

Learning to distinguish between everyday AC noises and those indicating problems is vital to keeping your home comfortable; you might even save yourself both money and stress by paying closer attention when listening to its sounds – especially if you set an alert whenever any strange sounds or vibrations arise to contact an HVAC technician immediately and have peace of mind knowing your home is being properly taken care of.


Humming from your air conditioner could be an indicator that something is amiss; this could range from refrigerant lines touching walls to electrical issues – regular maintenance by professional technicians can help ensure these problems don’t arise.

If the hum seems to be coming from outside units, you should immediately turn off the power to their condensers. With ducted systems, an audible humming sound could indicate that air vents have been closed off in one or more rooms which alters pressure inside of ducts and could potentially lead to leakages or looseness within them.


Air conditioning units may make strange sounds when they experience problems. Some, like the familiar humming when switching on, are harmless and only need routine maintenance to keep running smoothly; other sounds, such as clanking, can indicate broken parts in your appliance or its imminent breakdown.

Buzzing noises are never normal and could be due to a malfunctioning contactor that blocks electricity from moving through your system. If not addressed quickly, these issues could turn into loud buzzing sounds requiring professional assistance.

Bubbling sounds may indicate there is water or blockage within your AC unit, such as cracks in drainage pipe clogs or leakage of refrigerant. A professional should be called in to diagnose and resolve these problems quickly.

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