Smart Design Considerations When Planning Your Ideal Kitchen
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Smart Design Considerations When Planning Your Ideal Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the main focal points of any house. It can also be the most used space whether it is being used for an early morning snack before work or preparing and eating the family meal in the evening. When it comes to smart design considerations for this vital space, it is important to maximize the functionality of the room whilst also making it an appealing place to be in.

Here are a few starting point ideas to think about when you are deciding on your new kitchen design.

Who will be using this space?

This should be a consideration of paramount importance. Clearly the design and functionality of a kitchen space used by a family with young children may be radically different from that of a young couple or a retired husband and wife. Families with young children will want their cooking surfaces positioned away from the main traffic flow of the room to minimize any potential for children knocking over boiling pans. Other appliances such as microwaves and blenders may also need to be positioned above the height of small hands. Conversely, such considerations may not be as important to a young couple who may choose to focus on the overall aesthetics of the kitchen space and ease of access to the major kitchen appliances.

Let there be light!

Another important design element is the amount and positioning of light sources in the kitchen. This design aspect can often be overlooked but should ideally be given thought at the start of any kitchen improvement project. Think about how much natural light enters the room, where your appliances will be positioned and where your main cabinets and your sink will be located (so you can install task lighting to help you prepare food by the sink or to eliminate shadows with under cabinet lighting). The light sources in your kitchen should allow you to cook effectively and safely and appeal to your design and style plans for your new kitchen.

Add edible plants and herbs

Adding plants in the kitchen not only adds life and color to the room. It also helps cleanse the air and allows you access to fresh homegrown ingredients for your favorite dishes. Herbs on the countertop can look great, especially when you put them on cute little pots. And if you like to cook vegan recipes or anything with mushrooms in them, a mushroom growing kit would be perfect for growing on your countertop. 

Talk to kitchen design specialists

If you have a solid design plan and vision but have your own design questions and queries, it is always good to talk to kitchen design experts who work in the trade. If you find a company that provides kitchen design in St albans or a location near you, they can help you design and plan your dream kitchen. Companies that specialize in bespoke kitchens tend to have many years of experience in this field and will have design solutions for every space.

Think about dimensions

One final key aspect of the planning stage of a kitchen renovation project is the dimensions of the key appliances and worksurfaces that you wish to include. When you have planned out these measurements, you will already have a better idea of how your new kitchen is going to look and if any changes need to be made to your initial plans. This planning stage will also let you determine whether the kitchen units will be ready-made or custom-built, which is a huge consideration.

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