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Incredible Home Cooling Techniques To Survive The Summer Heat

It’s summertime and incredible home cooling techniques come to mind. That means the sun will be a bit harsh, and people will remain indoors to stay cool and save themselves from the UV rays. However, what can you do if the indoors is also not cool? Turning on air conditioning might be a good idea, but it is not very pocket-friendly and does not remove air pollution particles. Therefore, getting an air purifier at home or in the office is a must, as using AC for a long time can result in several health issues like breathing problems, arthritis, neuritis, and low blood pressure.

Therefore you need a better solution to keep your home cool during summers. Well, you need not stress about it as we’ve got some home cooling techniques to beat the summer heat. Scroll down to learn what these techniques are.

Use blackout curtains

Having windows in every room is essential so that natural light can come in. However, everything looks good within a limit. Excess sunlight can heat up the room, making it hard to stay in. That’s why you need to reduce the source of extra heat. You can do that by using blackout curtains.

Whenever you are not using a room or going out, make sure to close the windows with curtains. It will help block the sunlight, thus lowering the room temperature. Try to use neutral color curtains with white backing of plastic for the best results. Also, ensure that the curtains are made of breathable materials like sheers, cotton, jute, or bamboo.

Try ice bucket hack

It is one of the easiest methods to reduce room temperature. All you need to do is get a bucket and fill it with ice. Don’t fill the entire bucket; keep some space as you need to slightly tilt the bucket away from the table fan. This way, when you start the fan, it will use the ice and create even cooler air.

You can also use this hack if your AC is broken and needs to be replaced. It is a very convenient and budget-friendly way to make your place cool. If you don’t have enough ice with you, try using an ice pack, it will give you the same results.

Change your bedsheets

In winters, it feels very nice to wake up with sun rays offering warmth. However, it’s not the same scenario in summers. That’s why it is recommended to change the furniture settings in the summers. In addition to this, you should also change the bedsheets and use cotton ones instead.

Cotton is a very comfortable and breathable material. It helps absorb heat and moisture, keeping the place and even the body (if you are wearing cotton clothes) cool. Besides that, it also helps in sleeping comfortably and peacefully because it is suitable for all skin types. Furthermore, they are affordable and durable. You can wash the sheets, and they become as good as new.

Adjust your ceiling fan

You might not know this, but just changing the direction of the ceiling fan can help you adjust the temperature of the room. In the summer, your fan should go counterclockwise. It will help in pushing down the cool air that will make you feel calmer and relaxed. Similarly, if you need more heat in winter, adjust the fan setting clockwise. It will produce warm air.

So, if you are facing the issue of a warm room, even when the fan is on, you should try changing the direction of the fan. Maybe it will resolve this issue, and you’ll enjoy a pleasant and chilly breeze in your house. 

Home Cooling Techniques – Get insulated glass

The reason why your room is losing its cool air could be windows. Generally, the regular glass windows allow the entry of heat into the room, making it warm and humid. This makes it challenging to stay in the room for a longer time and affects your sleep during summers.

Therefore, you should replace normal glass windows with insulated glass units (IGUs). It will block the outside heat and reduce the cool air loss. However, it is not easy to install these glasses on your own, so you should take help from residential glass specialists who offer related services. It will ensure that your room is not warm and the interior temperature stays regulated.

Open the windows at night.

One of the best things about summer is that the night breeze is very calm, cool, and soothing. No matter how harsh the sun gets during the day, at night, the temperature drops. Thus, you can go outside and get refreshed with the chilling wind. Just like you, the house also needs some fresh air. Therefore, you should open all the windows (the best time to open the windows is 8pm to 10pm) and let the night breeze come in.

It will help reduce the room temperature, allowing air circulation in the whole place, making it comfortable for sleeping. Nonetheless, you need to close the windows before sunrise. Otherwise, the room will get uncomfortably warm, disturbing your quality sleep.

Keep your body temperature cool

Along with lowering the room temperature, you can also try to reduce your body temperature. You can have a refreshing iced soda or drink, or you can use a cold cloth on your wrist and neck. It will help in calming your nerves down.

If you feel weird sensations in your feet during the night, making it difficult to sleep, you can try dipping your feet into water or wearing damp socks to sleep. Lowering your body temperature in summers helps reduce nervousness, keeps the mind calm, and improves the functioning of other body parts.

Get some indoor plants

Last but not least, you should get some indoor plants. Plants will absorb the carbon dioxide, provide oxygen, and refresh the air, making the indoor temperature cooler. Moreover, plants also help in controlling the humidity and remove toxins from the air. Thus, you get better quality air which also benefits your health.

Furthermore, it is very easy to take care of the indoor plants, and they’ll also elevate the house’s decor. So, you’ll be able to survive the summer heat naturally.

To conclude Home Cooling Techniques

These are some of the ways which can help you keep the house cool during summer without burdening your pockets. Therefore, you should give these home cooling techniques a try and experience the freshness yourself.

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