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5 Advantages Of Cork Flooring

If you are in the process of choosing the flooring for your home, there is one alternative that you might not have considered – cork flooring, an unique, natural material that is both attractive and provides a lot of comfort. There are numerous advantages to cork, Not the least of which is that it is very eco-friendly. There are several applications where cork is a perfect choice, such as playrooms and gyms. But it can be used almost anywhere because it is easy to install, durable, and reasonably priced.

1. Comfort

Something that people realize right away with cork flooring is how comfortable it is. The material is the same as what is used for wine bottling, which we are all familiar with. Because cork is less dense than other timber, it is somewhat compressible. This quality brings advantages related to the insulating properties of cork. The quality makes a cork floor warm to the touch and gentle when you step on it. It also helps reduce the noise in the room.

2. Great For Families

Because cork is so friendly, it is an excellent choice for children’s bedrooms and play areas. It is much nicer to fall onto cork than tile or hardwood. And the acoustic dampening properties will be greatly appreciated when the kids get a little rowdy. This quality also makes it a good choice for music studios. If you are looking for the best type, you can buy cork flooring from Market Timbers as well as from reputable suppliers near you.

3. Unique Atmosphere

 Rooms that have cork flooring in them have an entirely different feel about them. They are quiet and warm to the feet, but also tactile and organic. Walking feels different, like you have taken a trip to some secret getaway that is far from cold harsh tiles and dusty carpets. Cork will also help keep your joints feeling young by giving them a break from jarring impacts.

4. Eco-Friendly

One advantage of cork flooring is that it is eco-friendly on many levels. To begin with, it is mainly made from materials that are left over from making wine corks. In short, it is made from waste. And those trees where the material is taken from are farmed trees, so the wood is entirely renewable. Then, at the end of its cycle of usefulness, the flooring is biodegradable. This makes cork a champion of sustainable building materials.

5. Other Benefits

Surprisingly, cork flooring is termite-resistant, and another surprise is that it is also fire-resistant. If the surface of cork flooring gets damaged, it can often be refinished, saving you a lot of money. The maintenance of cork flooring is simple. When it has been properly sealed, cork flooring will only need to be kept clean, mainly through sweeping. It is also hypoallergenic.

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There are many reasons to like cork flooring; it is quiet, comfortable for your feet, and it comes in many styles to match the design of your home. It is also easy to install, and the price is quite reasonable among the other flooring options. Cork flooring is a feel-good material that you should consider for your home.

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