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How To Make Your Loft Conversion Feel More Like Home?

Home is where the loft is: How to make your Loft Conversion feel more like home? 

Whether you’re looking to extend to make room for a master suite, a snug for the kids or a home office, you’ll need a space that works for you and flows with the rest of your home. Loft conversions are a fantastic way to get extra space without extending into garden. In addition, a well executed loft conversion can also add significant value to your home. Often times these spaces create unique challenges, like sloping ceilings, nooks and crannies and odd angles. Today we’re exploring the ways these features can be incorporated into the design of your loft conversion to create a cozy space that feels like home. 

Explore All Your Angles

​​Many extensions will work with the shape of the space available in your home, including any variety of unusual shaped alcoves, fireplace flues and, of course the vaulted ceiling. But just because the space has angles, doesn’t mean they’re unusable. Try positioning the toilet or smaller bathroom units under the eaves to free up full-height space for a shower and sink. Install wardrobes and built in storage in the eaves to create more usable space. Take full advantage of your roof line to highlight the vaulted effect or insert glazing panels into the wooden framework of a gable extension to accentuate the triangular shape and allow plenty of natural light to fill the space.  

Open Plan As Far as the Eye can See 

Keeping your loft open plan is a fantastic way to take advantage of your new found space. Open plan design allows the eye to be drawn to the edges of the space making it appear larger. If you will be using the space as a bedroom, consider adding a partitian wall. They allow for privacy and zone the room while still maximizing space. Add a chic moody colour scheme to for an layer of luxury.

Keep Beams for Character

Just because a space is small, doesn’t mean it has to be boring or uninspiring. A cosy loft space hidden away in the rafters creates the perfect opportunity to lean into structural features and give them a well deserved glow-up; enhancing what room you have rather than hiding it behind drywall. With beams visible you can enhance level of snug by incorporating diverse textures neutural colours and soft, natural materials. Throw in some ambient lighting to complete the look!

A Loft Room With a View

Maximizing natural light is a key for creating a bright and airy loft conversion. Like a crow’s nest, your loft provides a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of your views. Wherever possible, think about incorporating some full-height glazing. French doors that open onto a Juliet balcony can allow light, fresh air and a sense of space. If full-height glazing is not an option due to low headheights Skylights can be used to add a luxurious feel. 

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

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