How to Create the Perfect Teen’s Bedroom
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How to Create the Perfect Teen’s Bedroom

Wondering how to create the perfect teen’s bedroom? It is likely that when your child reaches their teenage years, they are going to want their room redecorated. This is an important point in growing up, as it marks the difference between childhood and a more grown-up stage of life. Although you can opt to tell your teen to ‘do it yourself’, to get a job well done, you should undertake the work yourself. Or, if it’s not your strong suit, get the professional decorators in.

This is not to say that your teen should not have a say in the color scheme or in any theme that happens to run throughout the room, because they most certainly should. However, the workmanship of the average teen (and the attention span) is typically not their strong point. Even more so when armed with a pot of paint and a brush or roller or, for that matter, faced with flat-packed furniture and a screwdriver, wrench, or allen key.

#1 Install Plenty of Storage for a Teen’s Bedroom

Teens tend to fall into two categories, one of which is scrupulously tidy and the other is the polar opposite. Providing your teen with plenty of easy storage options will undoubtedly please those in the first category, while hopefully encouraging the others to make use of what they have, rather than the floor, chair, or foot of the bed. 

#2 Personalize Soft Furnishings 

Include plenty of personalized soft furnishings in the form of cushions and throws. These items can be made very personal to your teen by incorporating their unwanted clothing into a t-shirt quilt. Of course, it is important to let them know what you are doing so that you incorporate the right ones, as anything too childish is likely to be frowned upon, even though they may like and appreciate it later on in life.

#3 Perfect a Study Area

As your teen enters the life of an adult, they will soon realize that they have to work. Schoolwork starts to get harder and becomes a heavier load to bear. So, you must create room for them to study. The area should be large enough that they will be comfortable, clear enough that they will not get distracted, and smart enough that they will be encouraged to use it.

#4 Include an Entertaining Area

There is not a teenager in the world that wants to entertain their friends with their embarrassing parents in tow. It is a funny age, where confidence and mood swings change regularly. Providing your teen with an entertainment area within their bedroom so that they can invite friends there, rather than sitting in a room with mom and dad is most certainly good for all concerned. 

The area needn’t be large but should have room for a couple of people. If the room is big enough, then a couple of bean bags, a small occasional table, and a video console with a TV will do. If the room is too small for this, then the bed will have to do for seating arrangements and the TV will need to be easily viewable from there.

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