How To Choose The Right Colors For Your Property
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How To Choose The Right Colors For Your Property

Have you ever noticed how you respond to color? From natural settings like the ocean or a forest to man-made buildings with a singular scheme, environments with one dominant color have the power to trigger a strong emotional response. This theory of how different colors impact upon our mood is known as Color Psychology and has been incorporated into advertising campaigns for decades. Given that color has the power to create positive and negative feelings and influence our behavior, it is important to find the right color scheme for your home. You want to make sure that each room inspires a mood that matches the function of the space, such as a restful atmosphere in the bedroom to promote better sleep. Use this guide to choosing the right colors for your property to ensure that your home is a true place of refuge. 

The Right Colors For Your Property – Blue for the bedroom

According to a decade-old survey conducted by Travelodge, those with blue bedrooms sleep an average of eight hours per night because blue is linked to calmness and serenity. This is thought to be primarily because of our response to blue in nature, like bright summer skies and rhythmic seas. Rooms with blue walls are thought to help slow the heart rate and even reduce blood pressure. 

Green is serene

For rooms where you want to promote serenity, incorporate green. This color scheme ties in beautifully with an overall nature theme and works well in living spaces and bathrooms. Try pairing light green walls with floral décor such as pretty leaf-patterned lamp shades and colorful flowers. This combination brings the outdoor indoors, reducing feelings of anxiety for improved wellbeing.

Keep the kitchen classic

The kitchen is a central space in the home, particularly for families or couples who cook together. However, it does not necessarily connect with one overriding emotion – for example, this room should be simultaneously uplifting and calming, a happy environment without inspiring excitement.  

The most popular kitchen colors for 2023 are dominated by neutral shades such as cream and brown. Lighter tones will make the space feel larger and allow the cabinets, counters, and statement pieces such as kitchen islands to be the focal points of the room. A monochrome design scheme is an elegant way to incorporate classic colors and has the advantage of being a timeless trend.

Inspire romance with red

Feeling bold? Don’t be afraid of introducing some romance into your home by using the color red. Rather than painting an entire room red which can feel suffocating and make the space seem small, incorporate red accents instead. These act as a little lively notes of passion and drama which can transform an ordinary room into an interior design dream. Red also has the advantage of being a warm and cozy color, perfect for a library where you can curl up with a book.

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