Keep Losing Your Keys Here's how to enter your house without breaking in
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Keep Losing Your Keys? Here’s How To Enter Your House Without Breaking In

Getting yourself locked out of your home is worrisome, especially when you have a pet to look after or a loved one who depends on you. Thankfully, there are some ways you can use to get access without having a key to your door. Without further delay, let’s read the ways mentioned below so you stay informed and could take the right steps if stuck up in a situation like this. Here’s how to enter your house without breaking in.

Getting Help

You can start by reaching out to the people you live with. Your family member, partner, or roommate can be contacted for help. It might not be feasible for them if they are out working but still, it’s better than waiting in front of your home. If you are living in a rented house, try contacting the landlord and ask them if they can help out. Almost every landlord has to keep a spare key with them so your chances of entering without your key are promising if they agree to help. People living in apartment buildings can contact the management to give access after proving they live there. Don’t forget to ask the management about a lockout fee as many building managers can charge you one if you consider availing their assistance.

Unlocked Windows or Doors

Leaving a window or door should never be an option but when you are locked out, looking for one can get you access to situations like these. Check the entrances and windows of your entire house to see whether one of them can get you inside the house. Finding an open window or door might get you in but note that it is a big red flag indicating you have to upgrade your home security. If you are fortunate enough to find a window, don’t barge in but be calm and open the window adequately while removing the screens. You also have to pay attention to any household item that might come in your way like a sofa, chair, table, toys, etc.

Getting Professional Help

When you have exhausted a few options and failed to enter your house, consider calling a locksmith who will ensure your entry into your home. You can either call or grab a digital device and check their locksmith site to get a contact number to avail of their services. Locksmiths’ charges vary due to location, the time consumed to complete the job, and the tools used to make the key. You can always ask a locksmith service about their average charges so you could get an idea of what you will be paying. You might feel like you are paying a lot but locksmiths are professionals and offer their services round the clock.

Removing Door Knobs

If the door doesn’t have a deadbolt stopping entry, you can remove the doorknob and unlock the door. The doorknob area will have a pin-sized hole that you need to work with. You will have to follow a few steps to unlock the door. Firstly, you need to get a needle or straight wire thin enough to pass through the hole. Next, you need to apply pressure while using your other hand, pull the door towards yourself and keep turning until the doorknob is completely removed. Now, grab a screwdriver, remove the protective metal plate and pull back the lock to open the door. This method might not work for everyone as there are a variety of doors and locks that cannot be opened the same way.

Using Tools

Movies make lockpicking look simple but in reality, it’s much more difficult. Before we discuss DIY methods to gain entry to your home, remember that these tricks should only be used as a last resort as they can damage the lock even further if not done the right way. You can find a lot of ways that use metal wires and pins of different sizes to open the lock. However, if you have a standard spring bolt lock, grab a card that you no longer use and insert the card on top of the lock between the door and the door frame. Now slowly move down and apply force until the card slips down on the lock itself. When the card is properly placed between the frame and the lock, just push the door and it will allow you entry into the house.

There are a lot of other ways you can enter your house without breaking in but it’s always better to never lose your keys in the first place. Technology has undoubtedly facilitated us in almost every aspect of our lives. You can also use tech to your leverage and install smart door locks that can be opened through an app or an electronic key so you don’t have to worry about keeping an eye on your door keys ever again.

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