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How Does A Nail Gun Work?

A Nail Gun is indeed a powerful, and quick performer tool for completing any project. It’s a smart investment for any professional and homeowner. A Nail Gun will be a hundred times better than a traditional hammer in terms of safety, convenience, and power.

Do you ever think about why this machine is ideal for construction projects? To understand this, you need to know How Does A Nail Gun Work. The mechanism of the Nail Gun makes it convenient to use in DIY projects.

The basic action is the same in all types of Nail guns, but the efficiency depends on the power. Whether it is gas-powered, compressed air, or electricity.

In this article, there is a brief description of how different types of Nail guns work so that you can easily manage it.

Basic Mechanism Of Nail Gun

A Nail Gun has two jobs. First, it needs to create a force for firing nails on the surface. Second, it needs to reload the nail for the next ejection. On the basis of different types of design, all of them do the same job in various ways.

For the firing mechanism, every nailer uses a similar design. When the trigger is picked, either blade mechanism propelled by a piston or two springs compress and discharge enough force to fire the nail on the targeted surface.

In a nailer, nails are linked together in a long magazine. The magazine was inserted into a track and placed in front of the handle grip. The magazine feeds the subsequent nail on the clip chamber by a spring-loaded mechanism.

To load a nail gun you need to turn off the nailer, get the nail clip, and position the clip with the sleeve. And lastly, press the spring mechanism button. This technique may vary in different types of models. However, most common types of nailer such as pneumatic nailer, electric nailer, and brad nailer follow the exact same firing mechanism.

How Does A Nail Gun Work

There are almost eighteen types of nail guns available on the basis of their application and power source. But they can all be divided into three types: Combustion, Pneumatic, and Electric. These three types work slightly differently due to their different power sources. So, let’s see how they work.

1. Pneumatic Nail Gun

Pneumatic Nail Gun is a compressed air-powered nailer. The pressure that hammers the nail into the surface is generally generated by Air compressors and is produced by a gas-operated air pump. Pneumatic Nailer works with a piston and cylinders and right tool for hard surfaces. That’s why Pneumatic Nail Gun is the best Nail Gun To Use With Hardie Trim.

The air pressure releases in the pneumatic nailer when the operator pulls the trigger. Then this pressure drives the piston and blade downhill. It helps to force the nail out from the gun into the surface. And when the pressure reduces, the piston returns to an upward position.

2. Combustion Powered Nail Gun

Combustion nail guns are powered by air explosion and gas and they work similarly to pneumatic. It uses a long blade that is attached to a side piston that moves by atmospheric pressure. As the name suggests, this type of nail gun uses an internal combustion chamber like cars to produce driving force.

In combustion nail gun gas cartridges are the main power point that provides fuel. In this process, gas is inflammable and works by using a spark plug and small batteries. And then, there is an outburst that helps to produce the force that we need to drive a nail.

3. Electric Nail Gun

The function and design of the Electric Nail Gun are different and straightforward than the two previous nail guns. In an electric nail gun, the power sources from a powerful spring fire the nail into the surface. It has rotating electric motors that restrain the powerful spring.

When the operator pulled the trigger, the insider muzzle gently pushed on the attached material. After that, the spring gets released which drives the hammer onwards, therefore enough kinetic energy is produced to release the nail from the magazine. As they are lightweight, you don’t need to give much strain to use it.

How to Use a Nail Gun

Nail Gun is a useful tool for thousands of professionals. But there are various types of injuries that can occur due to malfunctioning nail guns. Therefore with knowing How Does A Nail Gun Work you must know how to use a nail gun safely.

Otherwise, the nail can propel backward and become embedded in the skull or eye. According to the CDC, Nail Guns injuries are responsible for 37000 emergency cases annually. Therefore, it is suggested, the more you are familiar with tools, the more you will be safer.

For that reason, here is a guideline on How to use nail guns safely to decrease the possibility of further injury.

1. Wear Safety Gear

Safety should always be the first concern. So, you should wear a safety helmet, safety glasses before starting the nailing. Because you don’t know what’s going to happen next.

2. Load the Nail

At the initial stage, you need to load your machine with nails. To access the magazine strip, slide the nails on a given magazine, and when the nails are loaded close the magazine carefully.

3. Keep your Nailer in Sequential Mode

As every nail gun has two modes: Bump mode and Sequential mode, you should keep your machine in the sequential mode because it has a built-in safety system that bumps mode doesn’t have.

4. Position Your Tool Accurately

After setting your nailer in the proper mode, it’s important to know how to position your machine properly. Handle the gun with your hand thus the finger has easy access to the trigger.

5. Drive Nail Gun Accuracy

Before you fire your gun make sure you triggered on your desired surface. Here the application of p[ressure is important, as it determines the nail will smoothly fire into the surface.


A Nail gun is a versatile tool that can be used by professional, habitual DIY workers and for general use. All of them should know How Does A Nail Gun Work properly in different modes and circumstances. Only then one can get the best benefit from it without any harm.

So, if you wish to get a Nail Gun or already have one, we think this guide might be helpful for you. If you have any other questions about Nail guns, you can comment below. We are always here to keep in touch with you.

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