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Gardening Tips For Your Veggies

Green thumb or not almost everyone has tried to grow or germinate some plants that they wanted to have in their garden or terrace. For those who never grew vegetables you just have to start reading the following article and will you find a lot of interesting useful things that will help you a great deal. Even if you want to improve your garden or you are a beginner these ideas would come in handy. Follow up the next gardening tips and do not hesitate to try at least one of them.

The most common plants used in gardens are tomatoes, peppers, chives, lettuce or various herbs. Most of those veggies are grown from seeds and this could be a little bit difficult to achieve. Seedlings could help a lot, skipping the germinating phase which is one of the most delicate one into the growth of plants process

The reason that seeds are a little bit difficult to grow is that you have to know some basic gardening and be careful to avoid common made mistakes. If you are a beginner at gardening the easiest way to plant is with seedlings.

Read this to complete your garden skills. Follow us and in the end you will be able to do great things with your garden. You can even use a professional such as North Richland garden care services for the perfect garden.

1. Common mistakes when growing veggie seeds

seeds and grown plants

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  • Over watering – many times when you grow seeds you water them too much soaking them and the seeds will rot, you just have to spray them once a day or twice depending on the exposure of the sun or the temperature. Long day exposure and hot temperature will dry the soil so sometimes you have to spray them twice a day.
  • Not enough sun – most of green seeds require sun to bloom and placing them in shade could result in not growing but do not exaggerate because you will make the previous mistake by drying the soil and then watering too much, therefore balance between sun and water.
  • Old seeds – this common mistake depends a lot from where you buy your seeds or how long do you wait to plant them. My advice is to buy seeds from specialized stores or take them from other grown healthy plants .

2. Tomatoes A frame construction

Check out this cool and complete guide on how to build an A frame support for your tomatoes. Feel free to build your own support for your tomatoes that could be stored on winter time. This is a very cheap and an easy to medium difficulty project.

a frame wooden build


3. Grow beans on a wooden A frame

Here you have your beans on A frame built from wood. One of the best way to have climbing beans is to grow them on this wooden project that will help you also to create a green wall for your backyard.

beans on an A frame


4. Best way to grow raspberries

Increase the productivity of raspberries by building them a raised bed garden and a T-frame support. First one will stop most of common growing weeds and the second will stop them from falling. A cool tip is to put on the base fay that will limit the spread of weeds.

t-frame raspberries planting


5. Natural fertilizer from your kitchen

An idea to make compost from your vegetable debris so do not trow them to the garbage. After you pealed or cleaned your vegetables you are always left with scraps that you usually trow them. Do not do this anymore and keep them to use then in your garden. Just make a trench near your vegetables or wherever you want to and trow them there, cover with soil and let them rot. After leaving them covered over the winter your scrap vegetables will become rot and will add a lot of nutrients to your veggies.

vegetables debris trench


6. Garden raised bed for your veggies

Gardening tips help you to improve your skills by growing plants. An useful and helpful tip is this raised bed. The purpose of it is to organize better your garden spaces or avoid the hard work on accessing them. It is an easy project where you can also have a lot of fun combined with improving skills. Watering, pests and more issues will be solved with this small project. Try it and you will be a happy gardener with a green thumb.

lettuce on raised bed


7. Recycling idea for your garden

Germinating your seeds could not be easier than this cool idea. Use your eggs formwork to grow your seeds into beautiful plants that then will give you fresh vegetables. After the plants have strong roots you can put them into your garden or on your raised bed. Do not forgot to water them and place on spots with friendly sun.

eggs formwork germinating


8. Reorganize your veggies

Starting to plant your vegetables from those who grow tall to those who grow small could be a very useful tip. A raised bed for your veggies which is separated and labeled will help you a lot. Having some bird boxes will avoid insects to attack your plants so do not hesitate to try this.

birds boxes and raised bed plants


9. Green wall with beans

A green wall will help you to grow your beans or other climbing vegetables more organized and under them you can plant lettuce or chives. It can be also used to throw shade on your terrace or in places that you want to relax.

green beans wall


10. Wiring your tomatoes

One of the best method to grow your tomatoes or other vegetables that are growing tall such as eggplant is wiring them. A simple method that works a lot for tomatoes is to wire them trough the stem. You will need wooden poles , place them near the plant and then just connecting the plant with the poles with rope. The other method that is more supported for tomatoes is to string the plant from the base by twisting it a couple of times and going up to the end of the poles and wire there.

tomatoes string and poles


11. Don’t forget to water your plants

Watering plants is one of the most necessarily thing to do when you want to have fresh veggies. Under or over watering could be very dangerous for veggies. Usually you can water them 3 or 4 times a week but it depends on your region. Inspect every day to understand when the soil is too dry or too wet. Another common mistake is that you water on the leaves. The plants have to be watered on the base and not on the leaves and you have to avoid watering when while the sun is up. To avoid watering when the sun is up you have to water them in the morning or when the sun goes down.

watering plants and soil


12. Funny support for pumpkins

Use old pantyhose to sustain your heavy vegetables and don’t worry anymore that they will fall. Making a hammock for heavy veggies could support them.

pantyhose supporting pumpkin


13. A cool tent for veggies

Having fresh vegetable even over season is the best thing for your family meal. All year veggies could be possible with this amazing tent made from wood and Plexiglas or plastic wrap. If you want to see more details check out the “source”. It is quite easy to build it and you will need basic tools to create a tent for cold days.

wooden and plastic wrap tent greenhouse


14. Maximizing your garden space

Having spare space into your garden where you can put this rectangular pots to plant vegetables is an useful garden tip. A simple way to spare you garden for other activities then planting vegetables are these big wooden pots placed near the walls of your house.

big wooden boxes filled with soil


15. Simple greenhouse plastic bottles

Do not trow plastic bottles, try to turn them into tiny greenhouses for vegetables. It works very fine for those plants that are small and have to grow big. It preserves their water and heat that is vital for them in the first days/ weeks depending on the plant. You just have to cut the bottom of the bottle and place on every plant and you can even put the cap back on.

plastic bottles greenhouse


16. Easy greenhouse build

A helpful greenhouse in which vegetables will grow faster and bigger than ever. Using plastic pipes than could bend very easy you can create arches where you have to put the plastic wrap and so you crate a cute tunnel that works as a greenhouse. The pipes have to be deep in the ground to avoid bending back in a straight position or you can put wooden boards on the edges so in that manner the perfect arches will maintain their shape. The plastic wrap could be sustain with something heavy on edges so when the summer days are coming you can take it down.

greenhouse build


17. Vegetables box for winter

How to preserve vegetables on winter or cold days? This is one of the most common methods. Building a box with a lid that you can open and close to check or water the plants is the best way to have fresh veggies all year round.

greenhouse winter box


18. French fries from scratch

There’s no greater pleasure than collecting your veggies from your garden where you have planted them. Apart from pick up tomatoes, beans, peppers or others vegetables, potatoes are like a treasure buried down into the ground. When you collect them it is a dirty job but it’s also satisfying and here you will find out how to grow them. It’s one of the most easy veggie to cultivate, you just need to dig a trench or holes where to put your potatoes. The most amazing thing it’s that you can recycle them. So if you have old potatoes, do not trow them, planting them will make you have those fresh potatoes to eat whenever you want.



19. Design your veggies

Living in an area where animals or other pests can destroy you plants? Try to check out this nice project to avoid those unpleasant issues. It is a project that looks also great to the eye of who sees your garden and it helps to preserve your harvest. Create these nice boxes with wooden boards and make them a roof of metal bars with a metallic net where the sun, air and water could enter.

protecting boxes plants


20. Useful planting calendar

Now you know a lot of tips to grow vegetables in the most cool ways but you also have to know when to plant them. Here you will find the most useful and common planting calendar. This could variate a little bit depending on your area but in most of cases it will work perfectly.

planting calendar


21. Greens near house

It’s not only a clever idea to make your garden organized and gain space in it but it is also an idea to cool your walls in the hottest summer days. The green wall will keep your house in shade and the sun will not hit directly so this will be an easier method of keeping your house cool.

green wall on house


22. Tea cup with greens

The most amazing and perfect recycling idea. Using tea cups to plant your favorite herbs and cooking them in your perfect dishes. You only need soil, an old cup of tea or even your favorite ones and then plant your seeds of basil, oregano or other herbs.

tea cup basil


23. Organized space plants

Lack of space in your garden, try this idea to organize your plants. Using terraced method to arrange your veggie pots could help a lot in having more space. Gardening tips for all of you that want to improve and learn something new.

terrace method organizer plants


24. Wine corks planter

DIY Useful tool for planting made from wine corks. Try this easy planter by using a piece of wood and corks that will make holes for your seeds.

wine corks planter


If you find the article “Gardening tips for your veggies” useful please do not hesitate to share to others and feel free to try one or more projects.

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