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Garden Tips: Creating a Zen Area

Your garden can be an oasis, that peaceful haven you retreat to after a long day at work. Nowadays, it could be your sanctuary amidst the pandemic crisis, a way to feel part of the world. If you haven’t already looked into improving your garden space, now is the perfect time to start. It gives you a project to focus on, and the result is guaranteed to provide you with a relaxing retreat you’ll love to spend your days in.

Being among nature is scientifically proven to improve health and well being. Add flowers, and you can even help the wildlife populations such as bees, which typically die in cities because of exhaustion.

There are so many reasons to upgrade your yard into a stunning attraction, and with this guide, you can make it happen. If a DIY project might seem much, you can always choose a professional. Fresno garden care services can make your garden a little bit of heaven.

Garden Tips: Improve Your Privacy

Large bushes and evergreen trees are going to be your friend when it comes to creating a Zen area in your garden. Living in a city means that you will have neighbors on all sides, which often isn’t conducive to relaxing. By framing your yard with beautiful trees and hedges, you can improve the privacy of your property and feel like you are in your very own oasis.

green garden bushes

Garden Tips: Consider the Framing

The frame of your property isn’t the only thing you should consider. Most people like to have an area for eating and one where there is grass, so consider the layout of your yard as well.

water garden with plants

Make it Easy to Stay Outside Come Rain or Shine

For some, the solution will be to add a greenhouse extension, but for others, making your fit for all seasons might be as simple as adding a veranda. So that you can sit outside, whether it’s raining or sunny. Having this sort of cover is crucial to keep areas dry or cool, depending on the weather extremes.

Creating Your Dining Area

For a professional job, it is best to hire landscapers. Yes, but there is a lot you can do with some inspiration, elbow grease, and tools from Tradefix Direct. Considering the quarantine, having items shipped to your door is possibly the best and safest way to get your garden up and growing in no time.

patio area, table and chairs classic
Photo by Sonnie Hiles on Unsplash

1. Patio Space

Outline where you want your patio to be and make sure it has enough space to pull chairs in and out and to get around comfortably. 

2. Outdoor Furniture

The furniture you choose for this area need to be able to weather all the seasons. Aluminum is one of the best materials, but for a more relaxed, traditional look, woven furniture made of aluminum and resin wicker will suit you perfectly.

Garden Tips: The Plants to Use

When it comes to choosing the plants you use, you will want to know what type of soil you are dealing with. After that you can choose plants accordingly. You will want some that are green and vibrant all year round and others that flower at different times of the summer. An ideal garden should have flowers and enjoyable features in all seasons.

garden path tips
Photo by Erin Wilson on Unsplash

Additional Features

Other additional features you might want to install include a storage area like a shed or even just a watertight bin to place your soft furnishings. You might also want to look into ways to raise your garden, either along your fences or along your walls, to add more elements and visual appeal.

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