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Top 10 Best Foods for Your Immunity

The world is under a lot of pressure and scares about the outbreak of the Corona Virus (Covid-19). The condition appears to take the lives of the aged and with weaker immune systems. Despite this outbreak, it is good for you to always take good care of yourself in order to achieve good health and well-being. One way is by consuming foods that boost your immunity. Here are some of the top 10 best foods.

top 10 best foods carrots and potatoes

1. Jalapeño peppers – top 10 best foods

Jalapeño encapsulates compound, capsaicin that offers it a spicy feel.  Capsaicin offers an anti-inflammatory capability that alleviates the effects of arthritis.

top 10 best foods jalapeno azzur
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Moreover, the pepper boosts your metabolism. You can eat your jalapeño peppers by dicing them and adding them to your guacamole. You could also add the pepper to other meals to add to the flavor.

2. Lemons

Lemons are a common fruit that many people consider a remedy to the flu. However, lemons have multiple other benefits. Lemons are rich in bio-flavonoids that can combat free radicals known to cause cancer.

Lemons are also rich in Vitamin C, known to combat disease-causing micro-organisms.

top 10 best foods lemon on black


A single lemon each day gives you half of the body vitamin C requirement you may need. Lemon is easy to introduce to your meals. You can add some droplets to your drinking water and to your fish to improve its taste.

3. Apples – top 10 best foods

A study in 2015 indicated that people that eat an apple each day use prescription medication less than those who do not. A British study also shows that any regular apple eater exhibits fewer asthma symptoms.

The second study reveals that apples encapsulate a flavonoid, khellin, which opens up airways, making breathing smoother for an infected person.

top 10 best foods three colors apples


Apples are also rich in fibers that have anti-inflammatory capabilities and can help in the case of infections. You can use apples as a snack alongside almond or peanut butter.

It is always good to make sure that you wash your apples thoroughly to remove pesticides.

4. Chicken soup

For a long time, you may have been taking chicken soup and overlooking the fact it comes with multiple health benefits.

Chicken soup can easily alleviate flu symptoms. One of the reasons is because the broth lightens your nasal mucus making it easy to clear.

top 10 best foods chicken soup
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Moreover, when sick, soup is a better option to keep yourself hydrated than plain water. You can make your chicken soup more enjoyable by adding some carrots, herbs, and onions as you simmer it.

5. Garlic – top 10 best foods

One of the outstanding features of garlic is its conspicuous scent. The scent will always expose its health capabilities.

The aroma in garlic is a result of Sulphur compounds such as allicin. Some scientists believe that the allicin blocks enzymes associated with infections.

garlic on black background


Others believe that garlic can prevent cold. Garlic can easily be cooked with any food that deserves a rich scent. Writers for some of the best writing services advise adding it to your lemon tea during your cold mornings to prevent cold.

6. Grapefruit

With half grapefruit, you attain 60% of your daily vitamin C requirement.  Consuming grapes allows you to absorb essential nutrients like iron. It is also said that a good vitamin C consumption can shorten colder.

grapefruit slices on black plate


Grape makes for a good morning treat. Broil it with some cinnamon sugar to make it tastier.

7. Ginger – top 10 best foods

Ginger has, for a long time, been considered a remedy for nausea. It is also rich in anti-oxidants and impressive anti-inflammatory capabilities.

Multiple studies depict that ginger may have more benefits than meets the eye good for health issues such as obesity and heart diseases. You can enjoy ginger by adding it to your tofu, tea, and even cooking it with other meals.

lots of ginger on pink background
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8. Sage

Anciently, sage could be made into a tea and was a remedy for flu. A Swiss study reveals that sage alongside Echinacea alleviates throat irritations. You can use sage in your cheese, eggs, beans, soup, pork, and chicken and beef meals.

fresh leaves of sage


9. Chamomile tea – top 10 best foods

Chamomile is used in its dry form to prepare tea. For a long time, chamomile has been a good option for managing stomach upsets.

The flowers of сhamomileve flavonoids alleviate pain and reduce inflammation. You can take your chamomile tea with some lemon and honey.

chamomile flowers


10. Fennel

Fennel is an excellent companion when you have a cold. The vegetable comes with compounds that thin mucus in your chest and eases your sore throat.

Fennel is also rich in potassium, which is good in balancing fluids in your body to avoid dehydration. You can eat fennel by roasting it together with other vegetables. Moreover, you could boil and press it on your tea.

fennel on blue background
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The list of foods that could supercharge immunity is endless. The above are but a few that can help you control, alleviate and treat various health conditions.

The option is to take your time to feed yourself well with these foods and make your body resilient enough to handle harsh health conditions. 

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