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Everything You Need To Know About Cosmetic Dental Care for Kids

You get two sets of teeth in your life. The first, the baby teeth, appear and then fall out by the time you are a teenager. The second set are intended to last you a lifetime. However, even with impressive advances in dental healthcare, many children end up with dental issues.

Unfortunately, when children suffer from cavities and even tooth loss, the procedures used with adults are not always an option. This can be because your child is still growing or because the jaw is not yet strong enough to handle implants and other traditional tooth remedies.

That’s why it is essential you speak to a qualified and reputable pediatric dentist Sydney before starting any cosmetic dental care for kids. Alternatively, you can also get rid of a tooth infection at a General Dentist in concord.

Once you are ready, there are several options available to give your children great-looking teeth. It is worth noting this can boost confidence and therefore success in life. Here is everything you need to know about cosmetic dental care for kids.

Dental Flippers

When children lose teeth through decay o an accident they can’t usually have an implant as the jaw is not strong enough to take a titanium implant. The alternative, until they are adults, is to use dental flippers. This is effectively a false tooth or teeth that slip into the sockets in your child’s mouth. But, the teeth are connected by wires, allowing them to be braced against healthy teeth.

This ensures your child can keep the dental flippers in and use them in the same way as they would their other teeth. They are surprisingly durable.


Fitting veneers means removing a tiny sliver of enamel from your teeth and affixing the veneers to them. However, few parents want to do this as your child has the right to make their own decision about their teeth in the future.

Children’s dentists tend to use no-prep veneers instead. These do fix to the original teeth but they don’t scrap or damage the original enamel. In other words, these veneers can be removed in the future and the teeth will remain exactly as they were before. It’s handy as children’s teeth will continue to grow, effectively ruining the veneers if you leave them in for a long time.


Teeth become discolored for a variety of reasons, including the food your children eat and bad brushing habits. However, even children’s teeth can be whitened. It’s best to let the professionals do this as it reduces the risk of damaging your child’s teeth in the future.


This is perhaps the most common and the traditional approach to straightening your child’s teeth. It remains popular as it is effective and gives your child perfectly shaped teeth. This will help them to feel more confident. Braces can be worn for several years but the results are visible and worthwhile.

That’s why an increasing number of adults are also opting to have braces and other cosmetic procedures done. The rise of the Hollywood smile has made cosmetic dentistry an increasingly popular profession.

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