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Creating a Prayer Journal

Daily prayer can help you in a variety of ways including becoming closer to God. Far too many people focus on physical health but neglect their spiritual health. Reflection time praying can also help you find guidance in difficult decisions that you have to make in the near future. The discipline to dedicate time on a daily basis to prayer will become far easier if you are creating a prayer journal.

A prayer journal can allow you to hold yourself accountable in your spiritual life rather than skipping your daily worship. The following are tips on how to start a prayer journal and how it can benefit you!

Choose a Notebook or Journal, Then Decorate It!

Your prayer journal will be special to you so you should decorate it as you please. Putting pictures or clipping of things that inspire you to be closer to God can be the perfect touch. Sticky notes that you write up could give you daily reminders.

Calendars with quotes from the bible can allow you to focus on one area of your life to improve to become closer to the almighty. You need to organize the journal in a way that makes it easy to refer to scripture or a specific day you felt especially spiritual. Finding a location to write with a view of nature or outside can be extremely inspiring.

Find Scriptures and Teaching that Speak Directly to You

Filling your journal with scriptures and teachings that really speak to your faith is important. Finding this inspiration daily will help put things into perspective. Even on our worst days, God loves us which can help you turn a bad mood into one of thankfulness.

Scripture means different things to different people so research what a passage could mean to an individual. Interpretations of scripture you might never have thought about could deepen your faith.

Creating a Prayer Journal – Let God Know How You are That Day

Praying to God about upcoming events or being thankful for all of the good in your life is important. Starting a dialogue with God is the best way to deepen your personal relationship. God will never tell your secrets so complete honesty is possible which is rare in even the best friendships. Your spiritual relationship needs daily maintenance to continually grow in faith.

Write About Blessings the Day Brought Upon You

The prayer journal should also be a place where you list out the blessings the day or week has bestowed upon you. This is also a great section to list out what you are thankful for. On the days where you feel upset, this can help bring clarity to how truly blessed that you are.

Looking Back at Tough Times to Seek Inspiration

Referring back to a prayer or scripture that helped you through a tough time will be very easy in an organized prayer journal. Stress can be managed through this tactic as many people encounter stress during certain times/seasons on an annual basis. Being able to see how far you have come in your faith is important as well. Growing your faith in times of struggle can be difficult but the guidance you get from God is invaluable.

Creating a Prayer Journal – Write a Daily Prayer Asking for Strength

Write a daily prayer asking for strength for specific tasks or projects you need to complete is important. You will be able to prioritize your day while simultaneously being able to ask God for the strength to do everything to the best of your ability. Writing this out daily will allow you to see where God helped you accomplish one of your daily goals. The tough part about starting a prayer journal can be that of getting into the habit. Schedule your time with your prayer journal for the first few weeks. Speaking daily with God will become second-nature in a matter of a few weeks.

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A prayer journal can be that perfect outlet where you can have conversations with the lord. Daily reflection can help you become a better person, follower, professional, and even parent. Take the time to organize a prayer journal today and put your own personal touch on it. You understand what you base your faith in and what reminds you of God so make it a reality!

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