College Degrees That You Never Knew Existed
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College Degrees That You Never Knew Existed

Every child finds a liking for some weird subject during his school days that becomes a fascination while growing up to an extent that he gorges in the information on this favorite subject from all the sources that come across his way. For example, if the child loves a sports personality, he or she would collect thousands of photos and newspaper articles about the player, watch every match and cheer to their heart’s content. And if the kid happens to be good at that sport, he would consider his favorite player to be his imaginative mentor and even imitate the way the person plays. Similar, some children may be obsessed with a fictional character they have read about and become so engrossed in it that they tend to think and behave akin to that character from the book in real life, too. Children also develop a keen interest in learning a rare musical instrument or pick up a strange hobby like tattooing a car and spend hours together in mastering them. But can anyone in their weirdest dreams ever imagine studying about their childhood fantasies as a full-term course in a university? Well, it is true that some of the top-notch universities offer such unusual college degrees in a well-curated course format for the students to pursue!

Why join the rat race?

 Most of the students opt for courses that are either largely chosen by their peers or promise a good job, post completion, and thus join the rat race to become another modern slave of the digital era. There are very few students who break this rule and pursue a different course as per their liking and join universities that offer them because they have genuine passion for it. They surely find a creative way of creating a job opportunity for themselves after acquiring such degrees.

Since the internet is taking over the entire generation by storm, children are exposed to a tonne of information from various sources that easily pique them to delve deep into the subject of their liking by reading stuff or watching videos online to get really good at it. In this age of do it yourself (DIY), children are becoming self sufficient, learning as many skills as they can. And now, to help these kids follow their offbeat passions and enhance their talent in a field quite dissimilar to their peers, universities are doing their bit by introducing subjects that were once seen as a discreet hobby into a proper college degree.

Top college degrees you might have never heard of

 Here is a list of some of the courses you bet you’ve never heard about. And famous universities offer these obscure degrees just like any other graduate program for all the students who have an out-of-the-box academic interest.

  • Citrus and Horticulture – Florida Southern University
  • Zombie Studies – University of Baltimore
  • Surf and Technology – Cornwall University

Harry Potter and the Age of Illusion – Durham University

Racetrack Industry Program at the University of Arizona

  • The Beatles, Popular Music, and Society – Liverpool Hope University
  • The Robin Hood Studies Pathway – Nottingham University
  • Parapsychology – Liverpool Hope University
  • Bagpiping – Carnegie Mellon University
  • David Beckham -Staffordshire University

Acquiring a degree in weird-but-cool subjects like these are easy, but what are the job prospects? In the end, money matters and you have to earn a living by yourself.

Are obscure degrees welcome in the job market?

Talent and creativity can always get you a job. Everything boils down to how well you market yourself and how much you are ready to strive to sustain the competition. For example, one may ponder about how a degree in Harry Potter studies or the Beatles can get them a good job in the market. The reality is, you can find jobs in various industries that a ready to hire people with weird-but-cool Majors. Funny, but true.

After all, creativity plays a huge role in converting an average job or a no-scope job into a good paying one, provided you are ready to face the challenges that come with them.

For example, a person majoring in Bagpiping can master the instrument and set up their own school to teach children who wish to learn it. Or if you Major in a bizarre subject like Parapsychology, you can earn a fortune using your telepathy or pre-recognition skills, predicting all incidents that are about to take to place in someone’s life.

Thus, the right amount of creativity is all it requires!

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