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5 Lesser-Known Services A Residential Locksmith Can Provide

Ensuring a building’s security should be of your top five priorities to check off as a real estate owner. Although technology’s starting to be implemented in people’s day-to-day lives, that doesn’t mean it can function as it is all on its own. And that’s where a residential locksmith comes in.

Even before the spike of technological innovation, locksmiths did well to secure both buildings and homes alike. Whether for repairs or replacements, anything related to locks is where locksmiths are well-known. However, little did you know, blacksmithing has branched out the more time has passed.

residential locksmith
Security Breach – Safe Picking Concept

1. Car Lock Access

Many car owners have probably forgotten their car keys at some point in their lives. Although you’re blessed with a good memory, there’s still a chance you can get locked out of your car when your key breaks as soon as you put it in the keyhole. Without a spare, you might have a tough time getting it open.

However, locks are a locksmith’s area of expertise, and depending on their field, that means car locks as well. In that case, all you have to do is contact Flat Rate Locksmith – Atlanta or other locksmith services within your area. This way, they can resolve this issue for you with their equipment and knowledge working hand-in-hand.

2. Security Assessment

Although hiding a spare key under a potted plant is already the oldest trick in the book, you can always read more here on other places you can still hide your keys. However, there’s still a likely chance you can lose it, especially if you tend to be forgetful. So, that means your attempt at security was a bust. But with all of the locks they’ve fiddled with, you can say that ‘security’ is a locksmith’s middle name.

Not only are they known to bust open door locks, but they can also assess if your building has adequate protection implemented. To do that, they complete tasks, such as:

  • Evaluating door and window locks
  • Assessing door compatibility, and
  • Reviewing entrances and exits

Once they’ve finished evaluating, they can recommend preventative measures you could take to reinforce your home security. Of course, if the building is for commercial purposes, these measures could be far stricter and more heavy-duty than what you have for your home. This way, you can better protect any vital equipment or documents stored to avoid burglary. Depending on their services, some security measures they might offer would be installing:

  • Intercoms
  • Motion detectors, and
  • Security cameras

3. Key Duplication

Other than handling locks, locksmiths are also proficient in duplicating keys. With their level of expertise, they can examine the specific details found from your lock in case you lose your original keys. But if you broke it and you kept its parts, all your locksmith has to do is create a mold for it and copy its design.

On another note, despite how important it is to keep as many copies as possible, you never have to worry your duplicate keys will break on you any second now. Your locksmith would make it far more durable than the original, preventing it from breaking any more.

4. Lock Installation

So, not only can locksmiths repair a lock, but they can also install them. From window locks to gate locks, locksmiths are trained to be familiar with all kinds of lock systems in the market. And since they’re familiar with lock systems, all you have to do is tell them what type you want, and they’ll bring in the necessary tools for the job.

Of course, suppose you’re someone who isn’t as knowledgeable. In that case, these locksmiths are qualified in recommending which is perfect for that particular part of the house by installing a lock system that can fulfill problems expected in that area. Your locksmith Las Vegas can provide excellent security to your residence.

5. Safe Accessing

Although it may seem ‘old school,’ keeping a safe within your home is vital in handling important files or emergency funds. Because it’s supposed to contain essential documents, it needs top-notch security to safeguard its content. Lucky for you, locksmiths can recommend high-quality safes that exceed your expectations.  If you somehow forgot how to unlock the safe, don’t worry. A residential locksmith has the know-how and the tools required to pry it open.


Right from the get-go, you’d think locks are the only things a locksmith knows how to deal with. However, while handling locks play a massive part in a locksmith’s career, that’s not the only thing they can do. Everything related to security is their area of expertise.

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