Ways To Reuse Your Wine Bottles
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Ways To Reuse Your Wine Bottles

Are there ways to reuse your wine bottles? Wine is one of the things that come up in anyone’s mind when they think about something premium and expensive. The thought does not come in vain, as wine bottles are pretty costly and consist of a million-dollar look. Wine is also one of the best things to present to anyone on a special occasion or when someone visits your home. 

First of all, please note that wine bottles are 100% recyclable. But in case you have some wine bottles lying around in the garage or the storage room of your house and making you think about what a waste it would be to throw them into the recycling bin, then keep reading this article. 

What can I do with used wine bottles?

Wine bottles are premium pieces of art that are made to match the authenticity of their contents. But what is unique about wine bottles is that you can quickly put them to use by converting them into something useful with a little bit of DIY. 

You might think that it is pretty hard to make a decorative piece out of a regular wine bottle, but ask anyone who has done it before, and you’ll get to know how easy it is to do so. For today, let this article be the one “who has done it before” and give it a read. 

Wine bottles are made to be unique in their design and, therefore, outshine any other things kept along with them. Due to this, wine bottles can be many things, whether it be a decorative item that catches the eyes of your visitors, a holder that impresses anyone who sees it, and in so many more ways. 

Ways To Reuse Your Wine Bottles

For this article, below are some ways to reuse the wine bottles that are lying around in your house and are screaming to be put to better use. 

1. A boot stand

If you are someone who uses boots quite a lot in your day-to-day life and loves them from the bottom of your heart, then your used wine bottles can be your best friend in this situation. The upside elongated part of a boot is prone to bend and get bent marks all around its corners, which can ruin the whole look of your shoes. 

To ensure that this does not happen and maintain the authenticity of your boots, you can use your used wine bottles. To do this, you can put some bottles near your shoe rack or wherever you take your shoes off and then just put a bottle inside your boot to keep it upright. Doing this will ensure that your boot does not get bent and gets its great upright look ruined. 

2. A chalk message board 

Everyone has a bad habit of doing something and needs a constant reminder not to do so. Most of us put up a sticky note in a place that we see every day to make sure that we don’t do that thing. But sticky notes can get a lot messy and ruin the wall in which you put it up. Well, your used wine bottles can be your best alternative here. 

To convert your used wine bottles into a chalk message board, all you need to do is paint the whole bottle with chalkboard paint. Doing so will get you a notepad that is beautiful looking and can be put up in any part of your house. Unlike a sticky note, it does not ruin your wall. Instead, it provides a more premium look to the place where it is kept. 

You can even bind chalk with it using a thin rope, which you can easily change when the chalk finishes. The best thing about a wine bottle chalkboard is that you can write anything on it and then erase it whenever you want, unlike a sticky note. 

3. A decorative lighting solution 

Bottles are one of the best decorative solutions that come up at the cost of just some normal light and a used glass or plastic bottle. In our case, you can use a wine bottle, and it gives a whole different level of lighting to the room or balcony. The glass of a wine bottle is made differently to increase the looks of its content, wine.

Lighting inside it enhances its look and provides it with an adorable twinkling look. All it takes to set it up is a certain amount of light string and a used wine bottle.

You can give it a look you prefer the most, whether by putting the string of light inside the bottle or wrapping it around the wine bottle. No matter how you do it, the look it will provide to its environment will be no less than that of a Christmas tree. 

4. A container

A wine bottle increases the look of anything that gets put into it. By using a used wine bottle as a container, you can provide your kitchen or dining table with a completely different premium look. It is best for containing grainy things, as they provide a more satisfying look to your bottle. 

You can even find wine bottles with sand grains or small pebbles priced crazily at a decorative store. Doing just a little DIY, such as putting up a nozzle or a similar item at the top of the bottle to close and seal the object contained in it, can significantly increase its looks. 

Other than grains, such as rice or lentils, small candies, such as M&Ms, are the other perfect things to contain in a wine bottle. 


The ways stated above are some of the many more possible ones. You can use the used wine bottles lying around your whole house in several other ways and still get a premium look that matches, or even surpasses, the looks of the items made using decorative bottles ideas in cosmetic shops. 

This article is aimed to provide you with the means to make different uses of your used wine bottles instead of throwing them and buying an item made from them at high prices from a decorative store. 

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