3 Ways To Incorporate Crystals Into Your Home Décor
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3 Ways To Incorporate Crystals Into Your Home Décor

Nothing beats the coziness and comfort your house gives off. The familiar scent, the space, and the overall ambiance invigorate the body, especially after a long day at work. Also, bring in your dog’s happy yapping, and you almost seem like you can take over the world. Therefore, it’s safe to say that your home is filled with all the good and positive energies you need.

And when it comes to energy, nothing can hold a candle to crystals.  

Despite the varying stance of people with the efficiency of crystals to heal and amplify energy, crystals are still pretty things that can be used to adorn the house. Because they come in different sizes, shapes, and colors, you can check out a myriad of possibilities to design your home with crystal décor

To get you started, here are three ways to incorporate crystals into your home décor.  

Plan And Research Ahead  Ways To Incorporate Crystals

When it comes to selecting which crystal to use in your house, you must understand the purpose of why you want to use them in the first place. It’s either you want to use them for their amplifying or healing properties or even just for their looks. There’s most likely a crystal out there that can fit your criteria.  

In addition, knowing what crystals to use before incorporating them in the spaces inside your house can help you have an idea where you can place them. Buying crystals right off the bat without prior research can sometimes become counterproductive and challenging to use as house décor.  

Although crystals are already pleasing to the eye on their own, cluttering them in a specific area of the house without planning may cause more harm than good. For instance, you wouldn’t want to place them in an elevated spot where there’s fragile décor directly underneath since the crystals may roll down and cause unforeseen accidents. In addition, make sure to check whether the crystals are water safe or not. It is noteworthy that there are more crystals that can’t get wet than the ones that can go in the water.

Different Rooms – Different Energies  

Before checking this article, perhaps you’ve done your research about crystals, or maybe you’ve used them already in the past. Regardless, it’s a known fact that different crystals serve different purposes, and aesthetics aside, you’d want to use crystals that can complement the different energies in your house.  

For instance, your bedroom, where you lie down, relax, and sleep, has a different energy flow than your kitchen, where human activity is high. The same logic applies to your balcony, which is probably another place where you unwind, or your living area, which is just a step lower than your kitchen when it comes to energy flow.  

Having said this, you should choose a crystal that suits the energy flow and requirement for each room, depending on how you use them. For your bedroom, rose quartz can help you with romance, and amethyst can aid dreams and sleep. You can use citrine or green jade in your living room to amplify positive energy, increase vitality, and invite prosperity.  

Display Them With Style  

Gone are the days of glass vases where you dump your crystals in or those tiny bowls where you make a pile of your crystals and place them on your shelf. While these are still okay, you can up your game when displaying your precious gems.  

Instead of glass vases, why not use carafes of different sizes? Although they don’t veer off too far from glass vases, carafes are more stylistic and chicer, as they usually come in slender forms. You can also color-code your carafe by placing crystals of similar hues together, such as peridots, jades, emeralds, among others, to amplify their natural color.  

Also, instead of using tiny bowls, you can purchase an empty aquarium and build your crystal terrarium where you can place artificial plants or even succulents to give your house a livelier feel. Fortunately, crystals come in different sizes and can easily complement earth colors, so color-matching shouldn’t be that difficult.  

Furthermore, you can turn your home décor adventure into an overall DIY project. You can utilize tiny crystals to become ref magnets, drawer knobs, or even accessories by only using a glue gun. Additionally, you can create a crystal lamp or a crystal table. Check out this article about welding to help you get started.  

Final Thoughts On Ways To Incorporate Crystals

Regardless of whether you believe in crystals’ healing and energy-amplifying benefits, these precious gems can easily fit in anyone’s abode. All you have to do is strategically place them in your home. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and roam around the house and see all the spaces that need some crystal touch!

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