Best Tips for Effective Wall Decoration
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Best Tips for Effective Wall Decoration

Wall decoration plays an essential role in giving a trendy style statement to the house. Whether you like black and white wall decoration or a colorful piece of art on the walls, you can always choose to add showcasing artwork and pictures to the walls to make them look more beautiful. Here are a few tips for you to help you effectively decorate your walls yourself.

Use framed wallpapers

We all know that it is very expensive to fill the wall’s entire surface as it requires lots of material and workforce. However, there are some very cheap methods and ways by which, you can adorn the walls. Using a framed wallpaper on the walls is the best way to adorn the walls of your bedroom or living room. Framed wallpaper can give a tropical vibe to the room. The best thing is that you need to hire someone for this purpose. Just take a drill machine and start applying frames. You don’t even need to worry about drilling machine. Drill equipment available can be purchased at affordable prices.

Use wall to wall shelving

Shelving is very important especially in houses. They not only add beauty to the walls but also helpful for the spacing purpose. These days, wall to wall shelving has become very trendy and it becomes a focal point when shelves on two walls are joined together with a splash of colours.

Use fabric as embellishment

Wall hangings are very common especially when you want to make the walls of your house look beautiful and attractive at very low cost. Wall hangings usually add color and pattern to the walls. Use of fabric as a wall hanging gives a very soft touch to walls. Pretty textiles or abstract art imprinted on the velvet fabric looks so attractive.

How do you want to weave your wall art embellishment? You can try using tapestry looms to create fabric embellishment. Creating a beautiful do-it-yourself or DIY wall hanging is possible with basic tapestry techniques. You can make loops using two or more strands of yarn for a thicker patch. Just adjust the height of the loop based on the dowel’s thickness or similar tool. 

 You can also create rya knots or traditional rugs in Mary Maxim using a double-sided knot with a pile of yarn. You can cut them into the desired lengths with different thickness and effects. Rya knots add plenty of colors to wall hanging. They create depth and great interest as they layer on top of each other. The same results are evident over the plain weave sections.  

Another weaving technique is the soumak stitch, which fills in bigger parts of the wall hanging. This stitch requires more yarn per inch than usual, going back and forth in one direction.  

When creating unique wall art, you can also experiment with unconventional materials for weaving such as leather, feather, dried flowers, raffia, copper pipe, and fabric yarn. Use your creative imagination when creating fabric wall art. Be free to explore possibilities with different weaving techniques. 

Add wall art

There is a special type of wall art which is removable. It allows you to change the wall art as and when it is required. There are many online and physical stores where you can find an incredible collection of wall art the sophisticated wall art can give the unmatchable appearance to the wall. You can choose to add adhesive murals which have a luxurious matte finish. When you are renting, you should go for the wall art which is easy to remove and can be shifted to another wall.

Wall Decoration make a customised map

When it comes to decorating walls of your home, you can add anything to them that looks attractive and beautiful. If you want to add uniqueness to the walls, you can add anything that you want to see in your home. A unique way to increase the attraction of the walls is to add personalised maps on the walls. Maps show different colours to show water, land and other components of the planet. In this way, it exhibits different vibes in one place. If you like maps, choose customisable maps to add value to the walls.

Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

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